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I am doing a bunch of international travel in the months to come, and I was wondering the best strategy to have the Switch last for traveling up to 18 hours?

I know that some flights have USB ports to plug in a cable to charge your phones, but does anyone know if they’re powerful enough to keep a Switch charged while you play?

Also, what is the best portable battery to compliment the Switch? I currently have an Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000(mAh). Would this be suitable enough?

Sorry if this has been asked before - there is just a lot of conflicting information out there. Thanks!

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You'd likely want something more than 5000 if you want to charge your Switch more than once. I have a PowerCore 20100 +



@hotairballoons I doubt those USB chargers are strong enough to actually increase your battery life while playing at least with a graphically intensive game on full brightness but they're probably strong enough to stop it depleting. They just hold charge with my phone, it doesn't go up but it's only a few percent lower after a few hours intensive use. It really depends on a few things though,what kind of games you'll be playing and what the brightness is set to. It can vary from anywhere between 1 hour 50 minutes to 6 hours. It's unlikely you'll get less than 2 hour though as you won't be online in the air and won't have brightness at max. RL and FIFA online hammer the battery, more so than any other game I've got.

What kind of portable battery you will need also kind-of depends on how you will use the Switch. It has a 4310mAh so your portable battery will only fully charge it once and then around 15% more if you're lucky. A 15,000 mAh portable battery would probably be a better size for you. They're pretty cheap and small enough to fit in a Switch carry case. It gives you plenty freedom to play what you want and should see you through your journey. That will give you at least 3 and a half charges and can then be recharged in the USB port while running your Switch down or in between flights.

This seems to be a good one and is only £15. Not sure about US price, probably $20 max.

Enjoy your trip.

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