Topic: I'm really enjoying Modern Combat Blackout, are You ?

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This game is better than I expected! Once you get your settings right & use to the controls over period of time, The game really opens up. You fall right in place like playing every other FPS game. The game gives me Red Steel 1 graphics, The Conduit type of level design & Call Of Duty type of gameplay vibes all in one. I really like that. I don't need crazy good graphics if the game is fun.

I absolutely love the campaign!! This is where it's mobile roots really shine! All the missions are short & sweet , right into the action. I usually avoid single player & go straight to online but this game's story & locations are really cool. The game has a 2-in-1 progression system, that allows for campaign progress to carry over into leveling up & unlocking guns/items for multiplayer. So I love replaying certain parts of the campaign with new guns I've unlocked to see how many multi kills & head shots I can get. It's a grind to leveling up but its worth it & addicting. Unlock the best guns in campaign first before going online.

The game isn't great but it's far from trash. We don't have any other Military or Modern FPS games on switch to compare it to. It's simply in a class of its own right now. Some of us , like myself don't play shooters on PC/Xbox/PS4. So this is my go to shooter game til Call Of Duty or a better modern shooter comes to switch.

The game does need an update or at least a patch to address a few issues like no aim assist in multiplayer , no gyro aiming with hip fire & my biggest issue is no adjustable "Field of view" for a handheld players like myself. I need to see my targets larger from a far on that little screen. I don't play on TV. Even if none of these issues get fixed, I'm going to still play this game.

Other than that the game is great. I recommend every switch owner buy it! or at least check it out when it goes on sale. I'm a big fan of mobile FPS games & hope more come to switch in due time because i'm having a blast with this game. See ya online!

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It’s the first game that’s gotten me to take some time away from Warframe addiction.

That’s saying a ton.

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@TheRealAwest I was wondering if it would be worth giving this game a shot. That mobile origin is not an endorsement though.

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Heh, from watching the videos so far. Not Call of duty looks legit. Not buying it unless it goes on sale but hopefully the deprived Modern Combat Blackout team will find a way to click with the currently deprived Call of Duty Switch audience. (No fortnite and warframe doesn't count.)

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@Heavyarms55 The game is worth buying on the single player campaign alone! even if u dont like online, the story , gameplay & different missions will totally keep you locked in. no microtransatcion at all! The more you play the more you unlock!



It’s okay. We just got another FPS announcement today. But all of these games look really bad graphically. We might not get a decent FPS in the military setting before 2020 it seems unless activision gets it together.



@Qwertyninty im happy to see more shooters appear on switch but yeah this a pc game from 2017. it might be generic fun , who knows lol Also dont worry my friend we'll see some quality shooters on switch in 2019 with Doom Eternal , Shadowgun legends & Ion Maiden. i really hope activision announces Call of duty for switch this year. I still play black ops 2 on wii u.

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@TheRealAwest I’m going to enjoy all of them. I guess I’m more concerned with tactical/military CODish type shooters.



I was enjoying it but no it won't go online. Its not worked all week😞

Gaming is my breath!😎


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