Topic: If you were the CEO of Nintendo how would you change nintendo?

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  • have intelligent system make Paper Mario 3.
  • end 3DS production in 2019.
  • have free update for every first party games. (paid DLC can be optional)
  • rework on virtual console, and have all first party games released (from NES, GB, SNES, GBA, N64, NGC, DS and Wii). all saves con be import from a NNID account.
  • have Animal Crossing release in August 2018, Pokemon in End of November 2018-early December 2018

thats pretty much i'll i have.

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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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I would buy the Super Monkey Ball IP and put them on Switch. Video capture would be a priority as any game that allows you to experiment (like Zelda and Mario) is suited to the feature. So capturing and posting crazy short cuts and trick shots would be amazing. (Hmm...needs to be a 'Hey, y'know what game would suit video capture...' thread!

Next I would build relationships with Namco to ensure a Katamari Damacy collection for Switch. See video capture comment.

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First off give Pikmin 4 swarm controls and a level editor.
In fact I would probably order a bunch of games to be given level editors:
Classic Mario Party
Donkey Kong Country
Mario Maker on Switch - which would have a world editor, star coins, secret exits, vertical levels...and I guess slopes

And of course to echo off the Paper Mario thing. Who wouldn't?

As for running the actual main workings of Nintendo, I couldn't tell you.

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@skywake I'd agree with you I'm really happy with Nintendo continually walking the less beaten path. They are truely innovators in a sea of keeping up with the Jones'. I love them for this and I think that's why over generations they continually get new fans and keep old ones happy (not everyone all the time).

But this thread has made me think I'd love a a seperate line of games almost like Marvel Knights line intended for mature audience but clearly packaged for the average consumer. I appreciate there are ppl who play games with their kids and I can see how great it must be to introduce your kids to your love of gaming with Nintendo consoles and software as many do. But I don't have kids and sometimes want their innovation with me their key demographic in mind. Because as the numbers and surveys have said it's mainly males in their late twenties and thirties who are consuming their products.
Doing something like that could be a true master stroke.
And their loyalty programmes could be a lot better...

@subpopz man I really loved that moment when I had to physically blow into the DS to make something happen or shout at someone to wake them up. I get some of it can be gimmicky but those moments really stand out as something I will never forget.

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Some of Mario Odyssey is seriously giving heart palpitations.... that plumber is trying to kill me!


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