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Hi there. I never made a post on this website and I wanted to see what the community would come up with for ideas for nintendo. I personally grew up with a nes so my ideas might not be the same as yours. I want you to talk to me and you do not need to agree with me I would also like to know what your ideas are. Game ideas! Anything!!! I played nintendo games up till the wii and after that I just did not get into them and this is my personal preference. I want to thank nintendo for the years of gaming and I want to say good job with the success of the Switch and I hope all of you who stuck through it are enjoying yourselves.

If I was the CEO of Nintendo What I would change would be

I would make a subscription for all past nintendo titles to be played on all systems.
I would protect the legacy of past games by going to the biggest fans and romhackers of past games get their opinion about what they think of the game that I am creating.
I would go and make all romhacks able to be played on my system and I would reward players who complete older games that are more difficult then their original games.
I would support romhacks by letting people do what they want when they create them and I would distribute it onto my system.
I would make a 18 and older romhack section for romhacks with adult subject matter.
I would support netplay of past games and romhacks.
I would go for CryZENx and get rid of the helicopter parenting design philosophy of designing games to let him create the Zelda Game he would love and he would like to make.
Here is one of his videos

I would do the same for pannenkeok2012 with a mario game.
Here is one of pannens videos.
I would get rid of my developers let them work at EA and find people who have a passion for nintendo games like these guys.
I would design my system so that Steam games could be played on it and I would force valve to pay me a certain lump sum when someone buys a game from steam on my system.
No big censoring with twitch or live streams on other websites or lets plays.
I would respect the modern design philosophies of nintendo while trying to make some games have the difficulty the depth and the gameplay of NES and SNES titles in a modern form. AKA pick up and play but impossible to master.
I would have live streams of people of my company playing games old and new and even playing online with my fans.
I would have a greater focus on social media interaction with my fans. Make sure to give them some attention.
I would explore VR as well.

Game ideas.

Super Mario MMO.
huge world 2 opposing teams

Have game mechanics unchanged from super mario 64 but the world is so huge and divided in the middle. To complete the level you would have platforming challenges that requires quite a bunch of people to finish. Some challenges are very simple and others require perfect everything. I would have NPCS and Towns you can do mini quests for and have the towns be a battle royal with both sides to compete for control of that town to do mini quests. For items and health there could be goombas and other kinds of enemies that you can lay to waste. I would also have it so that the marios/whatever they are can battle each other and try to stop people from completing platforming challenges.
I do not think a mmo platforming game has ever been done before.

Diablo 2 with nintendo worlds and nintendo characters.
I think this would be a perfect idea.
Think about a pokemon class where you can catch creatures and make all of them follow you just like a summoner class like D2
Here is a vid of summoner in action

Starting from the nes and going all the way to the switch I would have all different universes of nintendo titles being remembered in a homage as a Action RPG.

Multiplayer Zelda dungeons.
You have two sides of zelda characters villians and good guys.
The dungeons are procedurally generated and you would get upgrades and unlocks akin to binding of isaac.
Multiple people puzzles and quests. Like with the mario game you can go and attack the other side.
Mirrored dungeons
Who knows maybe both sides will work together to complete the mirrored dungeon.

I would make a game like this with nintendo skin over it.

If you disagree with any of these do not hesitate this is just my personal opinion and I hope I do not step on any toes here were all nintendo fans.



I would bring Paper Mario back to its glorious roots.

I would make a new open world Zelda with a world, side quests, story, and characters that are actually interesting, with some music that isn't super subtle on top of that. I would also have dungeons that are sort of a mix between shrines and traditional dungeons, and hopefully they wouldn't all share the exact same aesthetic like they do in BoTW.

I would stop punishing YouTubers for essentially advertising Nintendo games for free.

I would make a 3D Mario that had quests/missions that are more in the vein of Sunshine.

I would have an online service that doesn't suck.

I would give games like Splatoon local multiplayer modes.

Other than that, not too much else. I'm pretty happy with Nintendo right now.

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Those are some great ideas.
I am sorry that happened in BOTW and you dont sound to happy about it.
I saw only greatness from people who played the game.
You cannot win em all.

I agree
Nintendo is too strict they need to be too lenient.
A sequel to sunshine would be amazing.
What would you like your online service to have.
Golden eye 64 splatoon?

They are doing wonderful and I am proud for them. I am glad your happy.



@grungeman I liked the game, it just didn't have enough focus on a lot of things that I value in open world games.

As for the online service, I would have things like better voice chat that doesn't rely on a smart device app, friend messaging and the ability to just search their username to send a friend request rather than having to ask for their friend code, etc. Basically, everything that the other gaming platforms have.

And yeah, kinda like that.



@KirbyTheVampire I thought it was nice that you could have more weapons and such. I think the next open world zelda game will have just what you wanted. I hope so. I could be wrong I do not work at nintendo haha.

They still dont have those things yet? It makes it super simpler if they did and way more streamlined.
Wouldent it be cool if with the online messaging you can write it out like cursive in the air or just write it out and it would know what you are writing and you become a wizard with words.

Splatoon golden eye would sound fun. Maybe throw in a few bots and maybe custom level and gun editing too for those who would like to experiment.
Are those in the game IDK i havent played it.



The only i disagree was the Rated 18+ section.
If I was a CEO of Nintendo, i will LIMIT the Rated 18+ games Very Strictly ( 98% of Nintendo games must be Safe for Watch, including Teen games), because i care with Kids , Girls and Casual gamers. Also, for Rated 18+ games, i will tell to All developers MUST insert the Warning and the Negative effects by play that Restricted games. Also, i will tighten the distribution of those games, make sure All those games must be bought by Adult , not bought by Kids. And also, i will do an Exhibition for Parents about very dangerous effect from gaming without Parental Control.

I will encourage developers to create MORE games for Kids and Girls with Great gameplay concept.
Of course, Region Free is a Must.

I will make an update to make All Previous Nintendo consoles (Wii, 3DS, Wii U) become Region Free by Officially.

I will Enlarge the capacity of Internal storage for 500 GB at minimum requirement.

I will give Filter both E-Shop Menu and Nintendo U/I machines so Parents can Restrict any kind of Rated 18+ games (even the game icon) to NOT be appear on the screen because i DO Care with Kids Safety and Parents should be feel Safe too.

I will Shut Down My Nintendo, change to somewhat like Club Nintendo, more efficient way to get reward.

I will upgrade the CPU and Processor to match with at least Xbox One level, so developers can optimize the graphic.

I will get rid any Pesky developers who are Backstabber or didn't really loyal with Nintendo. Also, i will NOT Allow Lazy Indie developers who contribute Very Crappy E-Shop games.

I will keep update the Nintendo machine to prevent from Hacked, Jailbroken, etc.

I will encourage developers to create games with genre that people might forgot or not really popular due to Underdog situation such as Real / Cartoonish Boxing games, Rhythm games, Educational games, etc.

I will make sure the price of the games are not really expensive, Some price cuts during certain events or Permanent cuts for specific games.

I will launch the Nintendo machines in Many Color variation. But for first launch, Black , White, Blue, Red & Silver color are Must.

I will Fix the Online Infrastructure, Allow for Cross Play, Cross Buy (from 3DS , Wii U, etc), Upgrade the Voice Chat with Filter so Parents can Block inappropriate conversations, Refund for E-Shop purchase (for 50%).

I will Revive some Forgotten 1st party games, Improve the gameplay, graphics, DLC, etc. Also, I will try to colaborate with some 3rd party to make a New games and Must be Safe for Kids.

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The only things that need major changing in my opinion, are Youtube (which is 100% on Nintendo of Japan), being less strict with fan games (NoJ again...) and fix online (probably NoJ).

I really like how Sega let fans make an official Sonic game, which ended up being better than the actual Sonic game. I think Nintendo could have taken a similar approach with Metroid 2 remake, and have MercurySteam do Fusion or a brand new one.



ive been floating the idea of a my nintendo premium service for awhile consisting of an online site to prepurchase any and all nintendo goods in production. they could make money by charging a small annual fee for the service itself and also make more profit on the products by selling direct to consumers. also NOA management has to be improved, they continuously make mistakes in gauging fan interest and have left plenty of money on the table or into others pockets.

follow your heart <3


Step 1: Put Miyamoto into a closet or something
Step 2: Order Intelligent Systems to stop whatever they‘re doing and immediately start working on a Paper Mario game that is deserving of the title.
Step 3: Cough up a VC plan with a big launch, including a variety of systems and genres, and a steady flow of weekly additions
Step 4: Crush ndCube to tiny little pieces until there‘s nothing left of the studio and have another team work on a proper Mario Party, followed up by an Animal Crossing-Monopoly-crossover
Step 5: Order Camelot to make a new Golden Sun, followed by new entries into Mario Golf and Mario Tennis with a singleplayer like in the GBA titles and multiplayer like in the GC titles
Step 6: Pay Itoi to work on Mother 4
Step 7: Revitalize the SMB series with new gameplay additions
Step 8: Pay Square whatever money they want for the rights to Geno
Step 9: Ensure that Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta 1+2 get Switch ports
Step 10: Make a new Wave Race, Wario Ware, Wario Land and F-ZERO
Step 11: Step down and live a life of luxury and boredom

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Anti-Matter wrote:


I will get rid any Pesky developers who are Backstabber or didn't really loyal with Nintendo. Also, i will NOT Allow Lazy Indie developers who contribute Very Crappy E-Shop games.

I have a question, would you be fine with third-parties making games for Playstation or Xbox as well? I'm kinda confused by what you mean by backstabbing developers.



@Caryslan I think he means companies like Capcom who released MH games for many years in the 3DS but now have 'backstabbed' Nintendo by putting MH World on PS4 and Xbox One while leaving Nintendo in the dust with a shabby port.

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Close MyNintendo and bring a service equal or greater to Coub Nintendo
Stop harassing YouTubers with demonitisation
Mother 4
Introduce a new Nintendo region for the Middle East called Nintendo Middle East/NME
Ask SEGA for Vocaloid games on the Switch
Work with major media outlets to bring YouTube, Netflix and Crunchyroll to the Switch ASAP
Regularly tease fans about Metroid 4 shamelessly
New FZERO game
Confirm a Smash Bros game in development but release it in like 2019

That's all I guess

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Buy Half-life from Valve since they're not really doing anything with it.

Buy Sonic from Sega since they're not really doing anything with it.

Buy Mass Effect from Bioware since they're not really doing anything with it.

Stuff like that.

It's dangerous to go alone! Stay at home.


-I would continue the trend of having quality 3rd party devs make weird Nintendo spinoff titles in their style, but also go a step further to try to make deals to get one of the Nintendo devs to work with a 3rd party IP

-I would add a bit more to marketing budget specifically to help market 3rd party games. Some cheaper marketing for small games, and a legit marketing campaign for one game per quarter, chosen with as little bias beyond "is this considered in some way a high quality game that people would want to buy on our console if marketed properly?"

-I would just let AlphaDream make a ****ing new game instead of stopping Paper Mario from being an RPG series if we're so interested in not having 2 Mario RPG franchises.

-I would get better management for Retro Studios and add a ton of new people to it.

-I would apologize for not putting a Pokemon Snap game on the Wii U

-also I would stop the Youtube nonsense, because 4+ years later, I bet a week's worth of Switch profits vastly outweigh any money ever gotten from this pointless decision.

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Backstabber developers = Developers who support Nintendo for a while and then completely leaves Nintendo without any good reasons.
I think EA, Capcom were a "Backstabber" developers due to their controversial statements about Switch.
If they are showing no interest to support Switch, they can Move Out, don't support Switch with Half-Hearty feeling.

Oh, about 3rd party that working for PS and Xbox, i will hire them to port their games to Nintendo machines with very affordable dev kits , so they can Optimize their port games and of course, Kids Friendly games are my Main Priority.

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There's a reason why Nintendo are as successful as they are and it's mostly because they don't think like a fan forum. They also don't think like industry analysts or experts either. Nintendo walks to the beat of their own drum. So ultimately I don't think there's much I change. They're one of the few companies in the industry who, in terms of their actual products, I wouldn't change.

With that said I do have one long running issue with one thing Nintendo does. It's pretty simple. Their most loyal customers buy every single console. We've been buying games digitally for a good decade now and for the last five of those Nintendo have kept track of it online tied to an account. Yet when a remake or re-release comes out? We still pay full RRP for the digital release whether we've brought it before or not. This goes for the Virtual Console especially.

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I would only allow Reggie to talk to media outlets when there is something to reveal. The ambiguous drivel he spouts needs to stop.
I would reinstate NTS to being proper developmers. Get them back onto 1080. Wave Race, and give them F-Zero.
Allow NoE to set up an in house games development team, give them some smaller games to deal with so that NoJ can focus properly on a few main games.
I would give 2nd party developers more games to develop, Kid Icarus and Punch Out spring to mind. They could also make small eShop games like a new Ballon Fight game.
Rather than pushing away AAA studios, I would talk to them and fix what I could to get them back. More 3rd party games means a better selection of games.
Bring the Mario Kart GP games to the eShop along with Crusin'' Blast.

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I would stop making Metroid Prime and Paper Mario games on shoestring budgets and rushed dev cycles when the fans of those series want long, in-depth, and thought out experiences. That and stop rushing the party, sports, Yoshi, Animal Crossing, and New Super games because they're hurting the brand at this point.

Of course those aren't necessarily conducive to making money. The change that would be is outsourcing any future 2D Zelda games to Capcom or just another team at Nintendo and starting development for the next 3D game in earnest immediately following the release of the last 3D game. Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild simply do not feel like games that took 5 year to make, this way either the Zelda team can put out deeper experiences or they can make the same length games more often — and Nintendo is never not in need of a big Zelda release to recharge enthusiasm around their console.

Anti-Matter wrote:

Backstabber developers

Lol, are you for real? And those are publishers by the way.

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@Haru17 The problem with Beath of the Wild is it has been developed in a completely backward way compared to most AAA games: game designer has director, world based on industrial design, story and writing shoehorned at the very end of the project. It was basically a development of a 80's game with a 2010's AAA budget. They wanted to make a game based on action variety and interactivity with the world but the price to pay for that (terrible writing and story) was way to high.
If I was the CEO of Nintendo I would reorganize their AAA development team in a more classical way with the rest of the industry. Writers and narrative guys as directors, game based on a script, game designers demoted as technicians without any creative freedom, half of the team and more budget dedicated to cinematics and mise-en-scene like the studio Naughty Dogs.
To me the real GOTY of 2017 is Horizon Zeo Dawn. Sure the gameplay has less variety and interactivity with the open world but it isn't really considered as a flaw. It meets the standards of the AAA market. And the writing and storytelling are stellar unlike the mediocre Breath of the Wild. Nintendo need to be inspired from these games. They are the future of the industry, not Zelda. Nintendo is way too focused to make their videogames like toys by game designer instead of making games more artistic and ambitious by writers.


  • I'd set up a studio dedicated to creating games for more mature audiences to try to recapture some of the Rare-style magic of the 90's/early 00's ..the first thing I would task them with creating would be an original first-person shooter in the style of Perfect Dark - with a memorable story-driven campaign (w/ optional co-op play) and multiplayer modes which can be played both locally and online
  • I'd introduce an achievement system and roll it out across all MyNintendo-linked platforms (WiiU, 3DS, Switch and Mobile) with unlockable 'stickers' representing each achievement that can be used to customise your profile and UI home screens.
  • I'd relax the current policies regarding user creation/monetisation in the hope that the increased exposure could lead to a boost in sales.
  • I'd also add social functions like Miiverse, Everybody Votes & Mii Contest to the Switch (or, at very least, the companion app) as I feel that this kind of functionality really adds to the overall 'Nintendo experience' ..and I'd also add the option to send game invites via the UI - and a DM option too (with ability to switch it off and optional parental restrictions) to further enhance the social experience.
  • I'd also consider licencing some of Nintendo's 'forgotten' IP's to 'Nindie' developers with proven track-records...for example, offering Shin'en Multimedia (Fast RMX etc) the F-Zero licence (and some development help/expertise) to ensure that fans of the more 'fringe' franchises are catered for.

In all honesty though, I wouldn't change much...the current CEO (Kimishima-san) is doing an awesome job in my opinion - so I'd (for the most part) follow the old adage: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" ..there are a few things that I'd like to see - but, for the most part, I'd keep the business largely the same

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