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Ok I did a quick keyword search for collecting/rare games and I didn't really find anything that quite matched the conversation/type of Thread that I want to go with.

When the Switch was announced I decided that I really wanted to collect for it, and by collect I mean pick up every single physical box game for it in my region, and on second thoughts I don't have the cash flow to pick up every game as they come out right now

So far I am sitting on around 25-26 physical games, out of around 80 that are currently out in NA, I had some unforeseen circumstances, that set my wallet back quite a bit, I'm just now getting things back in check, but the thought was "Do I be an adult and use my wisely to get back on track or go into debt collecting" I chose to be an adult. It was nothing bad or anything but enough to make me put collecting on hold for a while, otherwise I would be sitting on around 45-60 games right now, not all of them but at least more then half.

My current collecting goals are as followers
1. Any game that for any reason I think will be rare/hard to find down the road
2. All first party Nintendo Games
3. All Nicalis games, I really like that they still have instructions manuals
4. And Anytime I find a good deal

But with the Switch being successful and games coming out more and more frequently, getting every game as they come out aint going to happen for me, so most games I will be waiting for the price to drop or show up used online or at a game store

So are there any collectors here? and if so Why/How do you collect?

And what games do you think will be Rare/Hard to find Physical down the Road?



Reggie would be so proud to look at your collection. I only have one game for my Switch and I can't open it or my Switch until Christmas.
I don't have the dedication or budget to have a collection as big as yours. But mad respect for you.

Good... good
Let the weeb flow through you...

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The key is : Manage your Budget.
Write down the games that you want to buy.
Analyze first the games that you think you might changed your mind in the future due to Mediocre quality or Lesser Hype.

For Rare games, i can contact my friend to order them from Ebay or Playasia by give him a link to order. My job is just pay the fees and take my orders.

To tell you, right now i have 16 Switch games on my Shopping list, all of them are Physical version. I owned 9 Switch games right now, still waiting for upcoming Switch games in year 2018. Those are plenty of games, a lot of money to be spend and most important is.... Will you play that games oftenly ? Will you keep maintain your Hype after several gameplay ? Is that games really worthy ?
Because i don't want to spent my money for the games that i will never play it oftenly. I only buy games that i think caught my interest and worthy even i'm very busy, have lesser time to play games.

Btw, have you get a job ?

My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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Thanks I have been collecting video games for years and with the Switch I think that may end up being my main focus for the next few years lol


I already have already started a list to make it a little easier that breaks down into 3 basic categories

1. Get day one, or as soon as possible
2. Wait for a price drop
3. Track down way late down the road

breaking each list down, more

1. Get day one, or as soon as possible
games that I want to play/or that I think will be Rare/Hard to find down the road So best to get them now then later.

2. Wait for a price drop
wait for a price drop they may be games that I want to play but are games that I don't want to pay full price for, 1-2 Switch is the perfect example, I got it during Black Friday, still a little more then what I wanted to pay for it but eh I wanted it. I missed out on like 10 other games during Black Friday but oh well

3. Track down way later down the road
games for way late down the road, this includes games like Cars 3, most Sport games, think Madden, since most sport games tend to always be about which ever one is current and sport games from previous years are always dirt cheap, or shovel-ware that I know from years of collecting for other consoles that will end up in bargain bins later on, so why pay full price now when it will be 10 bucks two years from now at a big lots.

As far as playing I'm more of a collector then a player at the current time, don't get me wrong I do play most of my games but I'm working full time which is a good job, and I make enough money that collecting as a hobby is possible but a full Switch Library as of now is not a realistic goal I fell to behind, but I can still shoot for at least all the games That I know I want and maybe some others for the time being.



I will never do something like buying every game for a console or every game of a particular type or something like that. I still have all my favourite PS2, Gamecube and Nintendo Wii games (at least my favourites amongst the ones I played, maybe there is something I would like but I never tried it) and I would like to have my favourite PS1 games as well but I gave away most of them back then and now I regret it.
But I collect games I like only because I like to collect things I like and I don't think there really is a valid reason to do so unfortunately. Because eventually everything gets broken, there will be a day when you will lose a thing in one way or another. It's a very sad thing but even if you are able to keep your collection in perfect condition you will lose everything when you will die and that's something one can't avoid.
I'd like that there was a more valid reason to collect things but unfortunately in the end is pointless, but it's just something that I want too much to give up on it.
Now on Switch I think that collecting physical games is even more pointless because of two reasons: updates and the fact that sometimes digital only games are even better than many retail games, so what's the point in collecting something when there is a different category of games that can be even better and sometimes it actually is?
The best way to collect physical games on Switch is probably to wait until new editions get released (things like Player's choice, Playstation Platinum, Nintendo selects and so on) because that way at least I would hope that's the updated version of the game that gets released so I would buy something effectively more valuable in terms of its functionality

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There is Nothing wrong by collecting Physical version.
Someday those games can died by aging or broken by unknown circumstances.
It can't be avoided, but we can prevent that or still not give up.
If we passed away, we can't take our games into our graveyard. Everything will be decomposed someday. But before we passed away, at least we still have some happiness and proud to be able possess the Physical things. It's NOT Pointless, you know.

My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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Well, you'd obviously need to have the funds to pull something like that off. I may call myself a collector but aside from Amiibos, I have zero aspirations of getting everything of something. I mean, do love my Switch very dearly but I'd never imagine taking my collecting to that tall of a degree.

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I used to buy games left and right in order to build a ''collection'', buy all the sequels and prequels to games I owned and liked. And now I'm left with a huge backlog. So now I just buy what I want to play, I couldn't care less about the games I wasn't going to play, or the games I wasn't interested in to begin with.



I used to be a collector, too, especially since I got a way to play games from ten years ago that I had missed. My Wii and digital Steam collections are mostly nothing but backlog.

So... nowadays I buy only games I will start playing the day I get them.

But when I can, I will get a physical copy.

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The Switch is an exciting console to collect physical for, because of the media its on (cartridge), the hardware its on (hybrid), and the quantity of quality (physical) games that are out. I guess 5% has been released and 95% is still on the way. 2018 and 2019 are destined to be huge Switch years.

I collected games for many Nintendo consoles but only aimed for quality titles and never bought real shovelware. Nowadays I feel like just buying games that I really want to play (games that appeal and are completely new to me) and so I got "only" 10 physical games for Switch.


I still have a collector syndrome of some kind, call it the "feeling of incompleteness" when looking at games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+. I have the Wii U versions ready to go if I feel the urge to play them (they still have a lot to offer) but it would be nicer to have them on Switch accompanying the other games on the picture above. Chances are I get them when they're on a sale. ^^

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I just buy the games that I want to play, have time to play them in and can afford.

That'll probably work out to 50-odd games over the lifetime of the machine, but I'll have had a good go at all of them and it'll save on the shelf space.



Currently owning seven games for the switch

Mario Kart 8
Mario Rabbids
Splatoon 2
Xenoblade 2
Fe Warriors
Mario Odyssey

I consider myself a gamer first and collector second (as I dont sell any games - unless they plain suck)
However, due to getting older, having less time and less energy and other hobbies I generally tend to buy more games than I play with an ever growing backlog. My collection consists of ds/3ds, wii/wii u and switch games (probably over 150 physical games)

As some might have noticed I dont buy EA and Ubisoft games (Mario Rabbids is an exception). I generally tend to buy japanese games, mostly nintendo first party games, level 5, atlus, and others. Cant really say I have a specific goal in mind when 'collecting', I just want to have the games that may want to play some day and thats it. I certainly dont care about amiibos, special or limited editions. Even though I am a huge fan of nintendo games I dont buy all their games, certainly no amiibo festival for me. Sometimes I make exceptions for lower rated games if the price is relatively low, like ziplash, mario sport super stars...

As far as collecting is concerned, it can turn into quite an obsession. I saw a video of a guy who I believe had all original xbox games - and probably 360 as well - the whole living room was full of that [removed] - well, thats all subjective I guess, but lets face it, most original xbox games were [removed], I wouldnt wanna play most of them even if somebody paid me for it. Why collect such trash?

Completionism sucks imo - collections are in a way an expression of your taste in gaming - so if somebody has barbie or angry birds just to have a full collection - that doesnt make an impression on me.

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Will only buy and keep the games I want to replay in the future for sure. (For now my Switch's game is squeezed into 2 only, and I fully enjoy these two)


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I personally think that there's absolutely NO POINT WHATSOEVER in collecting Switch cartridges. The reason is simple: they are incomplete. If you insert a NES or SNES cartridge 30 years later it will be still the same game, but for example, ARMS cartridge is version 1.0 (or so) and the current game version 4.0. 20 years later you'll only have the basic game, without the extra characters, stages, fixes, not to mention you won't be able to play online. With some essentially broken games like NBA, that will be even worse. I have 13 Switch physical games atm, but that is simply because they are cheaper than the digital versions.

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I collect Switch for several reasons.
A: They're cartridges, I have little to no interest in collecting discs due to the various issues involved with them.
B: The game library has been insanely good. I have 30+ titles currently, (almost) all of which have been absolutely amazing to play, though I have a few that are still untouched.
C: The game library lacks shovelware. Not entirely of course, but compared to the DS or Wii? Far higher percentage of high quality games.
D: It's region free. I can collect titles from other regions without a thought if they interest me.
E: I'm not worried about the incompleteness for several reasons, most notably the fact that I fully expect the homebrew community to handle patches by the time they're needed, and also the fact that I'll have the patches all on a single SD card if I need them.
F: It's a good time in my life to collect.

Anyways, I have about half of the games released in this territory so far, though there's plenty I'll pick up later still. I'm not in a huge rush to collect all the games, I mostly focus on titles in this order

1: Titles I definitely want to play and won't see price drops
2: Titles I definitely want to play
3: Titles with limited print runs
4: Titles that I can pick up super cheap (Like when RIB: Baseball new with bonus was only about $10.)

Anything else? I'm waiting for the sales. I'm sure a lot of the remaining year 1 titles will drop significantly in price next black Friday.



1. Nintendo exclusives. Probably will pass on 1 2 Switch unless I can get it Uber cheap.

2. Picked up Some third party titles that interested me to support the system as well. Skyrim, Dragon Ball, Rayman (third time to purchase ), Monopoly, Puyo Puyo Tetris.

3. Been getting a lot of indie games.Shoot'em ups and tons of pinball.

4. Due to cash and backlog, would like to only buy Nintendo exclusives from here on out, save Madden, even if gimped for the Switch.



It's mostly first party games, great and noteworthy indie games, shoot-em-ups, sports games, racing games, and ACA games for me.



@link3710 can you really create a backup of the games patches and DLCs? Is that currently possible or you just talk about the future?
Also if that is possible how does it work? You install them without internet?



WHY do I collect Nintendo Switch games ?
1. Because I LOVE Nintendo. I will Support Nintendo by purchasing Nintendo Switch and the games. 1st Party games are my main priority, with some 3rd paties too.
2. I'm looking for Cute games Mostly.
3. Region Free (Yaaay...!!!) So i can expand my games from Japan, USA and Europe.
4. Looking for some 3rd party or Indie games that also on PS4 such as Portal Knights, Overcooked, Earthlock, etc. So, i don't have to buy PS4 since i still have some Negativity with PS4.
5. I Like Portability so i can bring my games on the go, show it to other peoples so they will know about Nintendo Switch.
6. I'm also a Collector, so Physical games are MUST Have.

How do i get Nintendo Switch games ?
By ordering from my Gameshop owner or ordering from my friend (buy from Ebay or Playasia)

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My Top 5 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (10 / 10)
2. The Sims series (9 / 10)
3. Portal Knights Switch (9 / 10)
4. Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS (9 / 10)
5. ARMS (8 / 10)

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@Zuljaras For now my "backup" is just having them installed on a second micro SD card. Eventually though? Someone will figure out how to mock the update server I'm sure, or how to encrypt patches properly directly from the computer.



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