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On average per week, how long to you get to play switch?

I've got to completely frank, I'm lucky to get 4-6 hours now.
I'm in the back end of my 20s, doing a lot of work with my bands, and then I'm working full time driving.
3 years into a relationship so I spend time with the lass.
What little time I have left goes between working out, and Switch.

Just curious to see what everyone else does?

At the moment I'm busy going through Links Awakening... That's when I get the chance mind.



Also feel free to include other game time between other platforms



I try to play as much as I can but it is not consistent!

In order of importance:
1st is my precious of course!
2nd is my job.
3rd is making my own game.
and last is gaming!

Currently I too play Link's Awakening and in the meantime I juggle between SNES Classic mini (with many games!), Bioshock on PS4 and batman Arkham Knight on Xbox One!



Yeah, about six or seven hours a week sounds about right to me. Kids, wife, work, other interests, life in general - they all eat into free time. That said, if a game really gets its hooks into me, that hour or so a night starts to extend and extend and extend. I'm looking at you, Fire Emblem Three Houses. I might be a bit tired today...

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I have a 9 to 5 job. My keto lifestyle allows me to skip work lunch breaks all together and use that time for gaming, about two and a half hours a week. However, once I'm home life gets in the way. Workdays I might get an hour a day in the evening, sometimes more, oftentimes less. And weekends is where the bulk of my playtime is at, I'd say about ten hours on average between Saturday and Sunday.

So fewer than twenty hours a week.

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Since I'm unable to work because of a psychic disorder, I can theoretically play all I want.
I don't do that however. I game 2 hours a day at most. The other time goes to supporting my mental well being: walking, cooking, cleaning the house, visiting friends and relatives, reading, listening to music,...

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Between Nintendo consoles (I play more than just the Switch) and PC gaming, a few times a week playing games. If I have a new game, I may play a bit more to enjoy it the first week or so, but outside that really just a few times a week. I may also play a bit more online if it's with my friend.



I probably get about 12-14 hours a week across all platforms I game on. I have a wife and 7month old daughter but circumstances work out in my favor. When I drop my daughter off at daycare in the morning I have about an hour before work to game a little. At night we take turns with her and I game some while my wife has her. Then on weekends I get a good bit because we visit the in-laws and they love to watch the baby.


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Really interesting to read this, and people's circumstances.

Cheers like, always been curious how things work for other people.



I get about 1-3 hrs a night during the week depending on after-hours needs for my 730-430 job. No partner, no kids, just my animals and a family member I help. Weekends I’ll get maybe 4-6 depending on lawn side jobs and cleaning.


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Usually 1 hour a night on weekdays, and 2-3 hours a day on weekends, so 9-11 hours a week.

I could play it more as I only work part time (and still live at home), but I also make time for my PS4 as well, which I average 9 1/2 hours a week (I could play it more than that, but if I get the main TV to myself on a Saturday night, I make sure to make it a movie night).

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If lucky and not tired from the 2nd shift job. I try to get at least 4-6 hours/night if possible but that depends if I have other business to also get done at night or too tired to game and need rest. Times I vary week by week and day to day. But at least try to get 4-6 hours per week if I can if I can't get a day with a 4-6 hour game time. But as the seasons whine down I might get more time but that depends.



I get 5-6 hours a week if I’m lucky. At the moment majority of gaming is on the 3ds/Wii u. Backlog 😢

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I'd say an hour every weekday if I'm lucky. Life is crazy. Handheld mode is pretty much the only reason I get to play anything during the week.

Weekends are a different story. I can usually get a few hours on Saturday and Sunday each.



@Madder128 On a totally average week with nothing breaking the routine - I get 1-3 hours a night of free time that I usually devote to gaming. Almost all of which ends up as Switch gaming. On weekends if I have nothing else to do, I will put in on average 5-10 hours over the whole weekend. So I guess I end up playing around 15-25 hours a week. Gaming is my free time of choice. I prioritize it over other activities like watching things on PC or TV.

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I'm in my 40's and i game an average 4 to five hours a day. Of course it helps that I'm not married and have no children to take care of. If i had all that stuff there'd be alot less time. I just like to keep things simple. Yeah people may say I'm pathetic but at least I'm sane and i have more money for myself.



Nothing pathetic about that. I have two children and i envy your situation😂. Regarding game time it is somewhere between 5-7 Hours Weekly. I could play more, but movies and tv-series gets in the way😉

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Yeah it's nice to have all that Me time! Of course i do get bored alot. Gaming all day long might sound like heaven but you get burnt out faster. That's where netflix comes in.



Interesting to hear everyone's circumstances, and how they get to game around it.
Next time I'll probabaly get to play will Monday.

Band practice this evening, then recording again tomorrow, and then traveling all weekend.



In the weekdays 3 - 4 hours a day in the weekend 6 - 10 hours a day

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