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I just bought nintendo switch including nintendo online 12 months, and 4 digital games. I am going to exchange my switch unit for another one because of broken unit,

Now, im wondering, for example, every progress in Super smash bros, and every characters that i´ve unlocked. what will happened with all these? Will it automatically be saved for my next switch unit? Or do i have to save everything in the cloud before i exchange switch unit?




PolarExperience wrote:

You need everything saved to the cloud. Otherwise, all of the data would remain on your broken unit.

So, how do you save a game in the cloud? I have ninteno online 12 months subscriptions.



@Dejch29 The save data should automatically save to the cloud. I believe there is a section for it in the window that pops up when pressing + while hovering over a game icon. This should give you more details.

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@Dejch29 go to your game menu and they will give you the options to save to cloud.



@PolarExperience @SwitchForce Thanks for the answer guys. Just one last question about all this please.

So basicly i am also able to delete all my progress in super smash? For example if im not happy with my online statics or something like that, i only then need to delete my saved files at the online storage, right?



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