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Hi everybody -

I bought a HORI Lan Adapter to get better internet performance when I play on the Switch, specifically for Mario Tennis, Super Smash and Splatoon 2. Unfortunately, I have had a very poor experience. I have a 1GB download / 30MBPS upload speed from my carrier, and I get a ping of 15-30ms on anything I play, even on the West Coast usually

I am plugged directly in a Netgear Nighthawk $400 3.1 Docsis Gigabit modem/router that has four ethernet ports - there are no bridge or in-between router issues

On the Switch, i get 15MBPS/15MBPS, although ping is more important. Much more importantly, though, my play on Smash, Tennis and Splatoon 2 is constantly a stutter fest and I constantly get bars and errors with connection loss and so forth

I have already done obvious things like restarting the router. Would appreciate any help with this



@bigalchubbs Maybe switch to decaf....that's a lot of thread re-posting.

Buuut, it's Christmas so I'll try to help out before the mods lock them all down.

Long story short, 15/15 is the best you're going to get on Switch. It's not that the LAN adapter sucks, it's that that's just the bandwidth the system processes, probably CPU-limited based on the fact that's about as good, or better than the SD cards can write, anyway. it's nothing to worry about, and not limiting your gaming. Games don't need anywhere near that bandwidth, it's just limiting your download speeds for new games (and again, the SD card can't write faster than that anyway so it doesn't matter much, unlike consoles with external HDDs.)

The stutter fest and low bars in Mario Tennis is likely the other players, not you. It's Peer 2 Peer, so there's no server with perfect connections, the connection is whatever the worst connected player in the session has. Splatoon 2 generally runs a lot more reliably. It's possible it's the other players, that definitely happens. "Connection Unstable" has been a meme since Splatoon 1. It's not necessarily your end's problem, it could be the other players.

It's possible you have a network issue of some sort, if you have PCs or other consoles to test with, try testing at where they show things like jitter and such in addition to raw bandwidth. But if you're running wired, with a gigabit connection, even if it's MoCa either your ISP is cheating you out of stable upload, your router has issues (which you can verify with PCs or other devices), or more likely things are fine on your end, and you're just getting lousy opponents/teammates. I'd use Arms and Splatoon as a baseline more as Mario Tennis has had pretty famously iffy sessions due to other players, and early reports of Smash seem to be similar. Splatoon and Arms are "predictive" so ti doesn't look like connections are as bad as they are. Because of the games' natures, Tennis and Smash are real-time so you have to see every lost frame.



Sounds more like your router is the problem and not a Switch issue. If you don't set your router to auto speed then you have some other issues going on with the router. I have a NightHawk and have no issue with multiple hardware wireless attached to the router. And one of them being the Switch itself.



@bigalchubbs This is the third time you have made a thread about this same subject. The only difference is that you changed the title.

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I understand. Sorry - I post here all the time and nobody responds and if I get any responses it is about nothing other than forum etiquette. Sometimes I feel like it's a forum about forum etiquette and Roberts' Rules Of Orders rather than about posting on video games or Nintendo

No problem and I get it - just wanted to get a response of substance on anything from anybody and I have finally gotten it and appreciate it



@bigalchubbs Have you tried using Port Forwarding at all for your Switch?


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@NEStalgia what do you mean by Splatoon and arms are predictive? So it that why we get kill trades all the time?

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@Trajan yup. And the teleporting... On the ledge, jumps down, kills you, then back in the ledge? And the sudden in map reversals? It's a predictive ai that keeps the game looking smooth by guessing what's going on and doing it automatically, then trying to correct when the data is received.

I've always suspected they just copied the kart ai for Splatoon. That's a trick used in most racing games, because a race would suck bad if it were choppy..... But it leads to rubber banding. Shooters shouldn't be doing that ever. But it makes the game seems smooth compared to other shooters.

A fighter wouldn't work at all if it did that though given the delicate rock, paper, scissors of the genre. This smash, arms, and tennis (which i like to say is reallya fighting game discussed as tennis game the same way punch out!! Was really a puzzle game disguised as a boxing game) use the raw data, lag and all.)



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