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Okay, so does anyone know any 3d adventure games/ action rpgs on switch worth getting? Is dragons dogma any good? The combat looks clunky. I have BOTW. I was thinking about senuas sacrifice but the download size is so big. Are there any other options?

I'm thinking kind of open world, and i cant really afford to download skyrim.




BongoBongo123 wrote:

Is dragons dogma any good? The combat looks clunky. I have BOTW. I was thinking about senuas sacrifice but the download size is so big. Are there any other options?
I'm thinking kind of open world, and i cant really afford to download skyrim.

Well, I liked SS, DD & Skyrim myself.... Didn't find combat too difficult in any of them Skyrim is the only 1 of those that has a physical release, if that helps? Otherwise, there's the Witcher 3 coming sometime?

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Witcher 3 in the future? And Astral Chain maybe?

Although Astral Chain seems to be hub world than open world.



Ys 8 is an awesome action RPG.

Hard to find for cheap though!

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1. Portal Knights
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2

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I'm like a broken record, I mention this game every time threads like this pop up.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana.

A 50-60 hour action/adventure/rpg with great characters and great music.

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@BongoBongo123 If Skyrim is out of your budget, then Ys VIII and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be too - which is a shame, since both would be excellent options.

There's always Dark Souls Remastered. It's basically what Dragons Dogma was trying to emulate. It's pretty dark, and notoriously pretty hard, but I knocked it off eventually, so it can't be that difficult. Great combat, big world to explore and strong RPG elements to boost your stats. Also, there seems to be a healthy online community still playing, so there's a good choice you'll find people to help out.

Senua's Sacrifice is good but, if you're worried about your budget, it's also relatively short. Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls are both hefty experiences.

Or wait for a sale on Skyrim. Bethesda seems to take 33% off every four months or so. If you're feeling really skint, wait for a Capcom sale on Dragons Dogma or Okami. They're roughly every four weeks!

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  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition - Haven't played it, but I understand it's kinda like a traditional 3D Zelda, but with a more in-depth God of War style combat system.
  • Okami HD - Structured like a traditional 3D Zelda, so it has a large world that opens up gradually when you obtain new abilities (it's digital only in the west, but the Japanese version supports English, so you can import it if you want it physically).
  • Onimusha Warlords HD - Not as open as the others on this list, but you may still like it. It's like a 3D "Metroidvania", in that it takes place in a large interconnected castle, and you unlock new areas by acquiring new abilities or items (same as above in terms of physical availability).
  • Red Faction Guerilla: Re-MARS-tered - Not out yet (but it's coming out very soon) so no idea how good the port will be, but this is a more traditional open world game I believe, and it's an action/shooter in a sci-fi theme, so I figured it'd be a good alternative to all the fantasy games on this list.
  • Ys VIII - fast paced Action RPG that has a large world that opens up like a traditional 3D Zelda game, where you can access new areas by obtaining tools, or by finding new people to live in your town.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - It has a linear story progression where you unlock new areas as the story progresses, but the areas are HUGE & open world in nature.

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Aside from those already mentioned, I would also suggest SAO Hollow Realization. I know SAO has garnered something of a negative reputation but I've been having an absolute blast with the game. If you don't mind a silly anime story and slightly annoying load times, the combat is fun, the loot grinding very rewarding and a lot of content to keep you playing for hours and hours. As this is a port of a PS4 titles from a couple years ago, it has all he DLC in the box.

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