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As in the theme. I am looking for good games for kids (6-8 years old). I don't have kids yet, but my brother has... and when they visit us kids want to play console. They love VOEZ for example. I would like to buy something else for them to play since it is hard to imagine playing them Celeste or Enter the Gungeon ^^



Deemo is another rhythm game from the developers of Voez, so I'm sure they'd like that if they like Voez. Otherwise, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey are great choices, and they might like Rocket League too as it's a fun game and pretty easy to get used to the gameplay.

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@Dogorilla Seconding Mario Kart and Odyssey. Two-player mode in Odyssey especially is extremely robust for co-op, and Mario Kart speaks for itself.

I don't know about Rocket League though. I bought it last night and the controls and physics take a LOT of getting used to. I whiff every shot I take, for example.

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Maybe Kirby Star Allies that is coming next month? Yeah I know it's next month but overall... it looks really charming, I think, and that they can play together also might help?


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