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I'm Thinking Of A Game Like Hello Neighbor and Hello Neighbor Hide And Seek, But Instead Of Hiding From The Brother Or Searching For Clues As To What The Neighbor Is Hiding, I'm Thinking Of Just An Open World Game Where Any Character You Choose Can Do Whatever He Or She Wants.



Like Minecraft?

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@Magician i searched the web to see if you can get roblox on the nintendo switch turns out you can i think u should get it



You go out fishing but there's a bunch of llamas nearby screeching at the top of their lungs and they're scaring all the fish away, so you have to give them all gum and peanut butter until they can barely open their mouths.

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@Gamegirl31 I don't want to be rude but... why do yo capitalize every word in your comment? It actually makes it kind of difficult to read.

But an open world game with total freedom would be interesting, but probably a nightmare to actually make because there would be so many possibilities to account for.

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I have an excellent idea! Would it be really exciting if Nintendo and Bandai Namco were to make a video game crossover between two anime franchises of Pokémon and Digimon? How about if Ash meets Tai and Pikachu meets Agumon? I wonder if there's gonna be animated cutscenes by anime studios in collaboration of OLM Inc. and Toei Animation to follow the plot and story to go along and play the game? Do you think it's gonna be a role-playing game or a fighting game? How about a Nintendo Switch title for a game crossover entitled, "Pokémon Vs. Digimon"? I bet if Nintendo, OLM, Toei, and Bandai Namco could get access on this one. So, what do you think?

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How about characters from the original Pokémon anime and the first original Digimon Adventure anime? You know, like Ash, Tai, Misty, Sora, Brock, Joe, Pikachu, Togepi, Psyduck, Biyomon, Agumon and the rest of the characters.

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