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Is there any games you wish Nintendo made for any console or future console?

For example a Mario game which is like Simpson Hit and Run?
A Zelda Maker game?
A new Kirby level?

Tell me your ideas

I think Zelda maker would be cool for the future games.



I'm still waiting for Nintendo to revisit some classic franchises right here on Switch. Wave Race, Punch-Out, Pilotwings, Rhythm Heaven, F-Zero, Golden Sun, etc. Other than that, I'm surprised there hasn't been a Pokémon MMO yet. Although I suppose that's too grand of a game for a developer such as Game Freak who probably doesn't have more than 50-100 staff members.

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Super battle royale brothers.

100 Nintendo characters parachute onto a map and fight til there’s one man standing. Think super smash brothers meets fortnite. £50 with no in app purchases.

Power ups scattered over the Nintendo themed map.

Day one!

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I want Cute Boxing / Kickboxing games from either Nintendo or 3rd party.

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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  • i would like see Nintendo take an interesting idea of Football (here in the US) with Mario Characters.
  • an original IP that has the same gameplay as 007 Goldeneye/Timesplitters
  • a Yoshi racing game, where Yoshi uses his eggs to ride on. and customize them to make them better.
  • Star Fox in RPG would be neat.

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These are really cool ideas guys and hope Nintendo adds them in.

I would love to see a Kirby maker also for the switch.



I Would love a Brand new game called Mario Bros. Lost in the wild this game features Mario and friends having a picnic but when a sudden rain storm come they take shelter they run and run until they are out of breath when they wake up they are miles and miles away for peach’s castle Mario want s to start the journey back but Luigi and daisy insist that they should prepare before heading back in the game you play as all 4 characters Mario,Luigi,Daisy and Peach you survive and gather certain materials you head back after you can explore abandoned landmarks look at remaining pieces of Bowsers Castles and foiled plans and build amazing structures Basically Mario Minecraft or MarioCraft



Pokemon Souls. You are a brave trainer who, for completely family-friendly reasons, becomes caught in the underworld. Fortunately, you are able to join covenants with groups such as the Grass Knights, Fire Lords or Water Warriors and obtain their unique powers to help you battle your way through a labyrinthine world. Difficulty level is high, but the boss fights against legendary Pokemon will blow your mind, and levelling your grass, fire or water powers never gets old - until you join a new covenant, such as the Steel Swords, Electric Elite or, er, Fairy Fighters and discover a whole new range of abilities and equipment.

Hmmm... Anyone else?

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I feel like they should add most of the DS and Wii games for the switch and maybe some xbox 360 and ps3 ganes aswell so i can remember them on a newer console

At least the pokémon games from DS
The Simpsons game and mario party from Wii
Fable? Or Gears of war would be nice
Also maybe PVZ

Most of these games wouldn't be too much memory and getting Wii and DS games would make alot of people's days
I also understand if nintendo couldn't get 360 or ps3 games as it isnt their company but they could try to get some of the classics.
Also could try and get Xbox and ps2/1 games



I would love for soul calibur6 to go on switch as it is quite low memory and maybe a soul calibur collection released
Also a Mortal Kombat collection would be nice

I saw they did this with street fighter and thought it would be a good idea for other games aswell



Picross: Battle Royale.
It's Picross... played competitively against 99 other players!

Dr Mario 99
It's Dr Mario.. played competitively against 99 other players!

Metroid: Samus returns... to Tinder
Samus has broken up with her long term partner. Navigate through Tinder and help her to find her perfect match (graphic novel/dating sim)

Luigi's Stock Market
A serious financial management/business simulation game - staring Luigi. Could be used to explain how he manages to afford all of these mansions.

Hyrule Stakes
A new Zelda spin off... In conjunction with Koei tecmo - the people who brought you Hyrule Warriors... It's... a... horse racing gambling game... From the team who make the Winning Post series...

Star Fox: Can't Shake this Guy
Star Fox is back! As a physical rhythm action game! Developed in conjunction with Konami and using the Bust-a-move concept.


Honestly I'd be really confident that at least one of those is coming over the next 12 months.


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