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@CaPPa Yeh, Solo gives you a bit more time with the Storm I think. Building stuff obviously has its uses, but you don't need to do it to win. It's easy enough to get down to the last 2 without shooting or building anything.

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I had a really great Battle Royale last night. I found a nice house, knocked down the roof, got into the attic and then built a new floor thinking if anybody comes in nobody will know of my presence . I hid in the attic all nice and cosy for a good while, there was an even a TV in there for me, lovely. After a good few minutes, I was given the fright of my life when someone started hammering at the floor right beneath my feet. I hid behind a box someone had conveniently left with gun drawn ready to give the invader the fright of their lives. Unfortunately they were also prepared and killed me before I could kill them. I was laughing to myself about that moment for a good few minutes. Great game!

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Played it for the first time this evening and I like it. It's fun to just start a session and experiment about. I'm still getting used to the controls, and the game needs motion aiming correction.

It's great gameplay and full of nice unexpected scenario's. I'll be playing this one a lot the coming days. Does anyone know how the chat works?

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I tried it today. Not sure what to think of it yet. It was an interesting experience. I did not dislike it but at the same time I wasn't really enjoying it either. I played 3 solo matches and one 50 vs. 50 match. Solo was more of my thing. I found bunch of rare stuff (or at least the game says they were rare) but didn't really get to use them because I'm bad and died before I got a chance to shoot. I didn't build much since I found the controls kind of clunky. Also hindered my accuracy when shooting since I'm so used to Splatoon's gyro controls.

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I want to amend a previous statement. After playing about a dozen more games, I barely notice the frame rate anymore. I still think it’s overall inferior to the other versions, but by a smaller margin now. Add some gyro in there and I’ll call it on par with the other versions.

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I thought of a funny joke...





I just had my first experience with voice chat. One of my squad mates had their mic, and the audio was very very clear. Not sure how Nintendo dropped the ball so hard with first-party voice chat.



1,000% this. Many of us were saying this from the get-go... like... just plug headset with mic into the port. It's not that complicated. I don't care what kind of convoluted rationale Nintendo comes up with to justify the smartphone reroute: it's NOT practical for MOST of us MOST of the time.

At least this puts to rest the people who just would not concede that simple plug-and-play through the jack was possible (you know who you are) lol

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Ive enjoyed what ive played so far but not a fan of the building mechanic, just playing it as a straight up 3rd person shooter.
Probably uninstall once Crazy Justice arrives.



@rallydefault I actually remember reading somewhere on reddit, that the ability to open up voice chat just became available to devs recently. So it maybe wouldn't have worked in the past but does now. Regardless, I hope every dev takes of advantage of this going forward.



Now if only the Pro controllers had headset jacks. Given how expensive they are, if Nintendo did add it to future Pros, I'd be looking for a trade-in/ upgrade program.

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hey my names trevis and im looking for some people who wanna play some squad games and get some wins in, doesnt matter if you're new to the game we're looking for anybody and everybody, join our discord chat and hit us up!



Long story short: not the best, but far from bad.

Just a geek that likes video games, and spends to much time playing Smash Bros. and Fortnite.

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Came 2nd again gosh darn it

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@Knuckles-Fajita I swear, 2nd place feels like the biggest slap in the face. 😛

Just a geek that likes video games, and spends to much time playing Smash Bros. and Fortnite.

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Had a great duo game today with my nephew. We came 2nd but was a tense match of who built the best base. In the end the other team suprised us with rocket boost onto the top of our base and a barrage of shotgun bullets ended the game. Love the simplicty of voice chat as well, incorporated for this game.


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Maybe I am just being blind but does anyone know how you can see your stats , ie how many wins, kills etc you have had since u started playing ?

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@burger_king On the 'Lobby' section of the main menu, select yourself, standing in the middle. From there, click 'Profile', and theoretically, you can view your stats. For some reason it tells me to check my stats somewhere else that I can't currently remember, though that's likely just on my end.

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