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I didn't see it answered anywhere but maybe someone here knows. Since it's F2P, will fortnite requires a paid Switch Online membership once it goes live in September? If it doesn't probably won't start my membership until smash in December but was curious.

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I don't think anyone knows. XB1 requires Gold, but PS4 doesn't require Plus (having it does net the odd bonus skin it seems). So, it could go either way.

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Been playing an hour and got the hang of it!

I'm enjoying this thusfar. Not played enough to say if I like it, but I enjoy it.

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Whoa. Nice!

I actually don't play solos much except for challenges. Not enough nerves or confidence. I did get #2 once, when I decided to play seriously after goofing around for a challenge.... messed up on stair building, plus a few other bad decisions on my part. And the guy had a rocket launcher.

Got about 4 kills though!

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It's weird to me that Nintendo quickly announced that the most popular in the entire world is just...out now on their console. Just a minor trailer in their E3, hey it's out, whatever. And free, no big deal or anything!

I mean, in context of everything, we already knew and that makes sense. But out of context, that sounds like the craziest thing Nintendo's ever done right?

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I seriously don't get these games...



Played a few matches now. I didn't have a clue what was going on at first but read up some beginners tips and done alright on my next run,finished 25th. Just had a run there though where I started to understand why the game is so popular. I can see myself getting right into this game.

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I played a bit last night and it's pretty fun, but I really struggled to aim properly using the control stick. I guess Splatoon has spoiled me in that regard, but it would be great if they added motion aiming to Fortnite.

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Which weapon were you using? And how far away were they?

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Managed 5th place in solo earlier, rather enjoying this.


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Fun game, I really like the premise, time will tell how much longevity it will have for me, but it does seem good for just dipping in and out of.

I tried it first last night, but it's default mode was 50v50v2 (whatever the 2 is? edit: apparently it's 'version 2' of 50v50) and so I was just playing that and didn't like it. So I paid attention today and changed it to Solo, which is much more my style. Played three matches and finished 5th and 2nd in 2 of them. Looking forward to learning more about how it all works.

@kkslider5552000 I can see why they don't hype it too much, just due to lack of direct income from sales on the eshop. Having Fortnite on your system is great, but not if everyone starts playing the free game at the expense of buying any others.

@Joeynator3000 You sure you're playing Solo and not some other mode, trying to shoot team-mates or something?

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50v50 (which is actually on v3 now; not sure why Switch says v2) is considered a good beginner mode, since staying on your team's side of the battle line means you have little chance of encountering other players, so you can get used to looting, harvesting, etc. Also, more people to potentially (emphasis on potentially) revive you if you go down.

They have plans for a “Playground“ mode, which will serve as both a practice mode and creative mode. You and up to three other friends (if you so desire) get to run around the map freely. All loot box spawns (chests and ammo crates) are active (as opposed to regular matches, where only certain spots will be active at random), and more resources are gained from harvesting. Friendly fire is enabled, so you can practice with your friends, or have duels.

Or you can race in shopping carts.

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Fortnite stw on switch

i have no visual proof but i found a bug where upon completing a round i was sent to the menu where you select stw or br now i could be wrong it could just be a bug and stw is not coming but i think it is coming later this year



Had my first taste of FORTNITE tonight with some of the friendly gents on these forums. Was rather fun despite obviously not really knowing what to do. Will certainly play again with peeps on here.

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Week 7 challenges for the Battle Pass are due to go up tomorrow. Of course if you just started on Switch and got the battle pass, you'll have six other weeks you can do as well. A shame that newcomers on Switch have about ⅔ of a month to get everything done, but you could probably do all of a week's challenges in a few hours, so it's definitely not impossible.

I wonder if tier 100 is still possible at this point though. 🤔

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I must have missed some instructions because I had no idea what was going on. I managed to build a crap shack then died in the storm, but I still don't even really know what the controls are.

I hear there's a solo mode, so maybe I'll try and find that.



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