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Couldn't find a thread for this game and just wondered who was playing it and how you were finding it?

I bought the game last night and have really enjoyed my first two runs on it. As I've posted elsewhere on here, I'm quite a late comer to this trend of 'rogue-like', single-life per play and do-over again type games.

However, having liked HAS-BEEN HEROES despite its mixed reviews and being convinced to try ENTER THE GUNGEON recently and enjoying that, I thought what the hell - let's take a chance on FLINTHOOK.

I really like the almost single-screen, action platformer type aspect of FLINTHOOK. Reminds me of some of the fun arcade games of this type I played in the past.

Anyway, I'll say no more now, in case this thread is in the wrong place and gets closed ☺️

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Me, waiting for a physical release of the game.


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If only I wasn't saving my money for Death Road to Canada and Ultimate Chicken Horse


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It really hooks my flint

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i found it to be fun, but what ultimately put me off and made me delete the game was the small rooms, on one hand you can sling across the room but are constantly blocked by barriers or spikes or mob enemies. There is decent fun to be had in using slow-mo to dodge but i just felt the two mechanics did not complement eachother enough.



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