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Two games that i really wanted to play from the eshop were ' Ninja Commando' on the Neo geo and the new DATA EAST 'Heavy Burger'. Both of these games went up on launch day along with all other regions but where thwen taken down the very next day. Neither of these has made a return and just say that they are not available at this time. I am sure there are others that i havent noticed. i have looked into it but can get no answers as to why or when/if they might return.

Anybody know anything about either of them?



I've been dying to get my hands on Two Crude Dudes and Joe&Mac. Both games are day one purchases for me.



It's certainly weird. And also the fact that several Johnny Turbo's Arcade games haven't been released in Europe. I asked Flying Tiger Entertainment on Twitter about this issue and they answered they were going to release them in Europe eventually, but they didn't give any more information.

I was able to purchase Nitro Ball with the 1 dollar discount for pre-order in Mexican eShop, but I also wanted Joe & Mac and waited for an European release in vain, so missed the opportunity to get it cheaper, and I'm not going to pay full price for a worse than Hamster emulation that even so costs 1 buck more. I'm not. Now I've seen that many of those games haven't come to Europe yet, so something is certainly happening.

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Night Slashers is gone too. I bought it in time, luckily, but still have it on my watch list where it says it's unavailable. Missed the window to get Ninja Commando though.


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Night Slashers is gone from the EU E-shop altogether now, it's been deleted entirely (you can't even get the game page up anymore, just an 'Error code 2811-6001 Software currently unvailable' message)...bit concerning as I downloaded it day one but makes me wonder now if I delete it for any reason is that it? I can't ever redownload it again?? And why was this done quietly with no announcement?

I'd rather pay for these old games legally than just pirate all the roms but things like this aren't helping any.

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