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Quite embarrassed about this...
I forgot my Switch was in my backpack. I put a heavy object (weighing about 45 pounds) in my backpack on top of my Switch. The Switch was in its carrying case. I picked up the backpack, put it in my back, realized in horror that the Switch was still inside, pulled the object off my Switch, and then took out the Switch.
The top of the case was bent to a bit below the zipper at one of the corners, but quickly regained its shape. I gave the Switch a quick external inspection—the Switch turns on and operates. The Joycons seem to be working fine, too.
I suppose I’m more worried about possible internal, unseen problems and problems that may develop in the future. Any advice on whether or how my Switch’s immediate and long-term functionality would be appreciated.



There’s no damage on the outside of it? Then I wouldn’t foresee any internal damage. Just a lesson learned.



You're good to go, bro.



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