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Hi all,

I recently got my Nintendo Switch back in January. I have downloaded Super Smash Brothers and Overcooked 2, which reside on my 256gb memory card. Both games keep crashing (usually with error code 2002-2060 or sometimes with no error code at all). I did my research on Nintendo Support online regarding that error code and some help article said to format my memory card, which I did, but the games continue to crash. I also downloaded Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart Deluxe 8, which reside on system memory and have had no problems, so I'm pretty convinced the problem is related to my memory card. My memory card is brand new so I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with it. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm at my wit's end trying to fix it. I have already sent in my console for repair due to a fan noise problem, so I seriously want to avoid doing that again if possible.




@rominjn If you have room in system memory, I would try downloading one of those games to system memory and see if still having an issue. It sounds to me like you got a bad card.

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@rominjn What brand microSD card do you have? I have read that some of the more... obscure... brands don't work as well.

Also, when you did your formatting, did you do a complete overwrite, or just the quick format? The complete overwrite takes a lot longer, but it is also a lot more thorough.

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