Topic: does anyone know a good socail network for nintendo switch

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it got to be friendly i wanted to make some friends as well i want to show of my skills for gaming as well

i love nintendo switch my switch friend code is
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Switch Friend Code: sw-3975-7409-4680



In all seriousness, I'd try and find a good Discord server for something like that. It's pretty easy to meet people with similar interests and actually talk to them on that.



there's honestly some pretty cool Facebook groups for Switch players

I'll be your 1up girl

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What about Reddit? If your looking for forum type Switch you going to have to do a search on the web to find them and see which one would fit what your looking for.



Any sane human knows that Reddit is where friendly conversations go to die.

If you’re just looking to meet other Switch players, Twitter and Facebook would be ideal. Anything further is best with Discord.

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I remember back in the day, despite its many flaws, Gamespot did actually function as a pretty good gaming social network.

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@thecrazygamer16 if you're over 18 join our adult switch gamers discord. links are in my signature. we have community nights where pick which games are we gonna play, there's impromptu gaming sessions and a whole lot of topics to discuss. all the people are nice and friendly but won't hesitate to talk a little smack when things get competitive

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