Topic: Do you want any legacy collections for NX?

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A Psikyo collection that includes the three Strikers games, Gunbird 2 and Cannon Spike (Gunspike) as well as Gunbarich and a Nintendo themed remake of Space Bomber.

I know: too obscure...but that's the one I'd want most (just with the necessary adaptions to change them from coin-guzzlers to legitimate home games, as was done with the Gunbirds and the first two Strikers games).

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I woulf like to see some collections of games that weren't on Nintendo console. Like the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (MG, MG2SS, MGS, MGSVM, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, MGSPW) that came out for the PS3 some years ago. Also the rumore MGSV Definitinve Edition would be neat.
I would also like to see the various re-relase of Kingdom Hearts, since it is speculated that the 3rd game come on the NX.



I'd like to see a port of the Galaga 30th Collection come to NX, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.


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