Topic: Do you want any legacy collections for NX?

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1. Street Fighter Collection NX (Street Fighter to Street Fighter III with a Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 download code) (including the Alpha series, with online for all of the games)
2. Sonic's 25th Anniversary Collection NX (Sonic The Hedgehog to Sonic Heroes)
3. Rayman's 20th Anniversary (Rayman 1-3)


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1. Fire Emblem Radiance Pack (Path of Radiance + Radiant Dawn)
2. Fire Emblem GBA Pack (The Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones)

That's about it. The games listed in (1) are extremely expensive, such that you could even buy a brand new Wii U bundle for cheaper. Given that Ike is still popular due to Smash, people should have the opportunity to play his games. As for (2), mainly that Binding Blade doesn't even exist outside Japan.


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I could see a collection of all the Zelda games. There also could be a 3D Mario HD remake/remaster collection with Mario 64 through 3D World. A remake with the first three Paper Mario games in HD would be great. This could be pushing it, but they could make a Mario Kart collection and a Mario Party 1-9 HD remastered collection. A Sonic 25th anniversary collection would also be nice.



Mega Man Legacy Collection.



-3D Mario collection consisting of 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2.
-2D Metroid collection consisting of Metroid, Metroid II, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission.


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I'll focus on series I haven't played much of (or any of).

1. The Pikmin collection
2. A 2D Metroid collection
3. Pokemon collection Gens 1-5 (okay I've played most of this one)

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1. I would LOVE a collection of the Mario RPG games. Aside from the original way back on the SNES, I never got to play any of the Paper/Sticker/whathaveyou RPG games, and I would love to.

2. Definitely a Fire Emblem collection. Kind of like a curated "best hits" in the Fire Emblem universe to give people a good overview of what they should know if they want to get into the series.



I would love to have a collection with Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on 1 disc. I've only played Paper Mario, and i have no way to play TTYD without paying a bunch for it.



I just want Backwards Compatibility and more Virtual Console.

But I would love a Doom Collection for NX.
Doom 1, 2, Final and 64 in one package (if NX is portable or Micro Console)
Doom 3 BFG edition and the new Doom releasing soon (if NX is a Home Console)

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Following up on that, yeah, I'd rather the NX be a really strong legacy system. As cool as some of these collections would be, I'd take a robust, well-emulated (and nicely upscaled) Virtual Console library any day.



Wand of gamelon, the faces of evil and Zeldas adventure. All the classics.



N64 Zeldas (OoT, MM) remastered.



A Luigi's Mansion collection with both games featuring cleaned up visuals would be a great launch or near-launch title. I might actually finish the second game with dual-sticks.

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I absolutely do not want any legacy collections. Any development power that would be put towards repackaging and reselling games that already are available on market should, IMO, be spent on pretty much literally anything else.

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I would much rather see an updated Virtual Console where the games are given online leaderboards, achievements and heck even Amiibo support to increase their interest and value for money. Save points on Wii U games were genius (unless you are Obe1saves, then they look kinda stupid...) so I would like to see the retro scene embraced and given some extra features. Oh and I would also like to see a return of classic arcade games on the VC.

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Just HD-ify the Metroid Prime Trilogy and allow normal controls as an option and I'll be satisfied

And an F-Zero and Starfox collections, with all 50 versions of Starfox 64 and the 3 other games, and Starfox Adventures in HD

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DarkmarkUnited wrote:

1. Street Fighter Collection NX (Street Fighter to Street Fighter III with a Ultra Street Fighter 4 or Street Fighter 5 download code) (including the Alpha series, with online for all of the games)

So you want 20MB worth of ROM dumps on a disc and would prefer to download the 20GB game?



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Contra Collection would be nice or Tiny Toons Adventure orrr Capcom's Disney Collection.




Personally I would be happy if sega added five more games and ported the ultimate Genesis collection over.

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