Topic: Do you use motion controls in driving games?

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Benjoo wrote:

@NaviAndMii. This guy is incredible with the tilt controls. He uses motion control exclusively. I thought motion controls hinder your results in time trials but he has the best time trial records on all the courses out of my friends list.

Haha! Thanks man! ..I've always been a sucker for overpriced plastic accessories and underappreciated gameplay gimmicks! 😂


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Don't really mind motion control steering, but no, I don't use it (I mean, in pretty much all cases, if there's an option to not use motion controls, that's the one I'll go for).



Dépends on your target audience too... while I don’t, my son exclusively do as his hands are too small to precisely steer with a joystick, but tilt just fine and control with shoulder button.



As I mentioned, motion controls that work can be fun. If it's the only option you might annoy a large number of people. But they can be fun. The key is that the motion controls need to work. They need to accurately register movement with little to no input lag. Two things that many 3rd party developers seem to struggle with for motion controls.


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