Topic: Do we want Nintendo VR on NX?

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SuperPaperLuigi wrote:

@Therad I've got my P.C. configured so that I can kick back and relax, but there is something to be said for sitting down in front of a television, on a sofa, in a living room, with a console.

Maybe a hololense-style augmented reality headset for both general and a-symmetrical gameplay augmenting an existing T.V. or monitor.

A VR headset nullifies the TV completely. Basically you completely shield yourself from your surroundings in the room designated for company.



He's talking about an AR headset though..



I'm not very interested in VR.

I still prefer "couch gaming" the traditional way with a controller.



@Therad ...what he said ----> toxibunny

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If they used VR as a peripheral that's not necessary to use NX, no problem. If they make it mandatory, I'll go retro.
No way I'm going to use a thing that makes you ignore your surroundings. Give me a traditional controller, even the Wiimote and I'm happy.

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