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I must admit, I don't think twice about wrecking opponents. I look at the knockdowns as just another part of the game to master, also mastering how not to be wrecked by someone else. Opponents will usually go for a knockdown if they have the opportunity, so I don't feel bad about it at all. That way when I do get wrecked by someone I just see it as fair game. Only racing against club members is when I think about it.

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@C-Chakra I'm trying to switch to that mentality

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Hello everybody, I was with top club The Grand Tour (lovely group of racers) until I decided to start from level 1 again (was level 70). I was regularly Legend and Top 1,000. I'm welcoming anyone who can contribute with 3,000/season to my club The Underdogs. #0996f. I'll be happy to help you progress and give advice from my experience. Are you the next Legend? Let's find out, share club rewards and support each other. =) We got 1 spot left.

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Regarding the software error that can only be fixed by redownloading the game, the answer that I received from Gameloft a few days ago is "Please rest assured that the development team have confirmed that they are investigating this problem.
It seems that it may take a while [...]"

The error still occurs.



Nice game. Sometimes the game glitches. I'm now level 6 and level 3 garage. I did not spend any money on the game (yet). Is it possible to get coins from the tokens? I have a lot of tokens but I cannot find what I can do with them.



@Yoshi-MT It is possible to get coins from tokens. Go to the in-game shop, and scroll all the way to the right. You can turn tokens into coins there, though if you need coins, another way is by playing the daily events. I find myself earning coins from just playing the car loot over and over. Hope this helps.

@BlueOcean At least they are aware of it. The error happened again the other day and had to re-download it.

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