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In a few months I'm going to get a switch, and I want Minecraft so I can play with my friends. But, I bought java edition way before bedrock came out and it gave me a free copy to download. I redeemed the code it gave me, but I found out our computer is literally so old it can't download bedrock edition.
From what I understand, bedrock edition is the version on the switch. So does that mean I'll have to buy a new copy, or will I be able to download the free copy I got a while ago?



The code you got is only for Windows 10 Edition. if you want to play it on the switch or any other console you will have to buy it again.


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Minecraft for windows 10, Xbox one, Nintendo switch, iPhone, android, and kindle are all the bedrock edition, but each is sold separately.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Sadly yes but totally worth it. Probably due a sale price soon so might get lucky.



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