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I figured this award-winning rpg would make its way to Switch eventually. Until today it hadn't been confirmed yet. But now one of the devs for the game finally confirmed that a Switch port was in the works. It probably won't arrive for a while considering everything that's going on in the world, but it's nice to know it's coming.

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Figured last year's most award-grabbing indie would only come out on Switch after the award-grabbing is done. Smh

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I didn’t let myself read up on it much before it was confirmed for Switch.

Yesterday I binged reviews etc of it and it sounds great. I’ll try and avoid reading too much on it now to not spoil it for myself when it comes out on Switch.

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Very happy to hear this! Love the look of this game, and the British Sea Power soundtrack is lush. I was hoping we might get it on Switch.



very much looking forward to playing this on Switch.

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@babyhands ooh that sounds cool too. I caught British Sea Power around the time of their first album.

They were really good but I’ve not followed them since - which I may regret!

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@JoeDiddley aah . I was a massive fan around 2008 - 2016, once saw them 5 times in a week, including the Tan Hill festival. I've kindof lost track after the last album didn't really do it for me. But the Disco Elysium soundtrack is lovely (and BAFTA winning).



Assuming this is a competent port when undocked, I'll probably be picking this up at full price. I could have played this on my PC at any time, but unless a game is a FPS, I like having that hybrid freedom.

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@babyhands excellent, I’m sure when the game comes out it will inspire me to investigate further

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I was waiting for this one on Switch. It’s a very text heavy game from what I’ve heard, so it’ll be nice to relax and pick it up anywhere, like a good book.

I think this game debuted for 40 bucks on PC, so I wouldn’t expect to pay 60 for it. A general 40 dollar physical edition would be nice, but we might be looking at a LRG physical release like Divinity: Original Sin II.

Either way, it’ll be good. The game is less demanding on PC hardware than Divinity and Pillars of Eternity, so it should be a fairly solid port.



It looks amazing, I am really happy it will come to my switch. Any word on the eventuality for a physical version ?

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