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Did you buy a Switch game for a ridiculously low price on the eShop? Want to share if it was a hidden gem or a pile of rubbish? This is the place to discuss those random games you bought for criminally low prices.

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@WaffleKnight this should be a good topic . I 'v been looking at switch games and have not seen at least 50 out of a two thousand that I would buy.

some of my Favourite games
Rick dangerous ( zx spectrum )
Battletoads ( game boy )
Tomb raider ( play station )
Speed freaks ( play station )
Wario ware ( game boy advance )
Advance wars ( gameboy advance )
Eternal darkness ( gamecube )

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@Ninfan Thanks! I thought of this because there are usually A LOT of Switch games on sale for up to 90% off and I wanted people to be able to know which discounted games are bad apples and which are worth a look.

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I guess I'll start this off.

Recently purchased Astro Duel Deluxe for about 90% off. After playing it for 15 minutes, I realized it was more of a party game that was essentially built to be played with other people, and since I don't exactly have that in large supply, combined with the lack of online multiplayer, I struggled to find value in it.

If you have friends you can play this game with I highly recommend it.

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Jack quest is on sale for $1.99 and I'm interested in it but would like to anyone if anyone has tried it yet and how it is?



I had 10hrs of fun playing Car Mayhem pursuit mode(voxel art style), but it got pulled from the US eShop. I don't know if it'll ever be back, because I don't know why it was pulled. It was $1.49 in July. It was published under Sabec in the eShop. Maybe it's available in other regions outside the US? I've wondered if anyone ever got it this summer? I mean, it's crappy, but I found it quite amusing to drive around the town, mowing down fences, trying to avoid the police cars. If you mow down enough light posts and fences, leaving them in your wake behind you, the cop cars get damaged hitting them, and if they hit enough, they spontaneously explode. I found it quite amusing.

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No Thing, when on sale is worth it. It’s strange and has a simple premise but it is hard.

I also got Ding Dong XL for 19 cents awhile back and that is a good time waster between playing other games. Again a simple premise but gets hard quick.

I got Qubic because it’s a fun decent puzzler.

I got nba2k19 when it was $3 and that was definitely worth it, best value for a sale yet.

I got Starlink on steep sale a long while back and cannot get excited or into it no matter how long I try.

Bought A Robot Named Fight when it was 90% off and I find it rather bleh. Not as fun as I thought it’d be based on reviews.

And a sale item I enjoy that I doubt anyone would really like is Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition. I’m a big fan of blackjack, street fighter 2 and pixel art and chip tunes. I think you’ve gotta be really into all the elements of that game to enjoy it and it’s only worth it on sale.

Also I got stalled / bored with The Way (constantly on sale) and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it’s slow boring to me.



Cool idea for a thread. I think I bought all of these for $0.99:

One Strike: Very simple weapon based 2D fighter where you kill or die in one strike. Fun in short burst, longer with a few friends. Worth what I paid.

Superhero Fight Club: Kind of a similar concept as One Strike, except charaters fly around shooting projectiles. Fun in short bursts or with friends.

The Way Remastered: Old school adventure puzzle game. You play a man searching for a old temple that may have the power to resurrect his late wife. Puzzles are mostly flipping switches and finding correct peg for correct socket, while avoiding various hazzards. I actually really like this game. It is slow like someone mentioned above, but the pixel art is used effectively to convey a melancholy atmosphere that turns more wondrous as the game progresses, and the story is presented in small bits throughout that were just enough to hold my attention. If that sentence doesn't come off as a bunch of pretentious tripe, then you may also enjoy The Way.


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I've bought a couple physical for cheap, Shaq and Barack fus for £13 from Amazon and la noire for £13 from Argos. Not played either yet....

On the eshop I bought king oddball, pizza parking, car trader simulator, hollow and a few other things for under £2 each. I've only played king oddball and I highly recommend it for a pound. It's surprisingly addictive with a great soundtrack.

I'd recommend the bridge if it ever went to less than £2 too, I played it from ps plus and it was really good



@judaspete I've also purchased One Strike; it's a surprisingly deep fighting game for one that has a single attack.

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Membrane was on sale for 9 cents.... Can't go wrong there.



I bought a multiplayer puzzle-ish game called Watermelon Party when it was cheap and I had a few gold points about to expire. The core gameplay of it is pretty fun at first but there's literally only one mode, one stage, no unlockable anything, not even an option to play in single-player. The fact it normally costs £3.99 is daylight robbery.

Neonwall is a good game though, I got that for 89p once. It's an interesting little game where you have to clear a path for a ball to roll along by using the Joy-cons as pointers to move and destroy blocks, but you can switch between red, green and blue pointers and you have to use the right one for each block. It gets quite difficult as you have to quickly multitask, but it's fun and has a lot of levels.


I don't know if I should do this. Once it's out there there's no going back...



Tiny Hands Adventure.

I know.

I can't remember what I paid, maybe a couple of quid. I was hoping it was just going to be a cute, fun 3D platformer.

I turned it off after about 25 seconds and have never gone back.

Don't be fooled by the trailer, the in-game experience, as someone put it in a Steam review, is 'a little rough around the edges'.

Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty.

Stay. Away.

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Good post. Check out Budget Gamer on YouTube. And maybe worthy of its own thread, but there are several free to play games that look cool. I have 40 plus hours on Fallout Vault.



There's a sale on the European eShop and Bastion is going for around £2.50 and Transistor by the same developers for about £3.50. They're both great games and a big bargain



I can always recommend anything by Tikipod. They do retro-feeling games but with well-designed stages and great pixel art. Rock Boshers DX is a nostalgic throwback to the good old times having a bit of Robotron, Smash T.V., the old Wolfenstein, and other good topdown shooters. It's on sale right now for almost nothing.

If you on the other hand like sidescrolling shooters like Uridium and Defender Aqua Kitty UDX will entertain you for some hours.

Both games save after every stage, and you have a level select screen, so you can always go back to find secrets, or get a lower time, or a higher score.

Rock Boshers can be played ZX Spectrum or NES style.
Aqua Kitty looks more like a SNES game.

Iron Crypticle, Tikipod's third game, is also down to 3.59EUR.
I should pick it up tomorrow.

Also two thumbs up for that 9-Cent game Membrane.
Agartha-S is also great!

I also like oldschool pixel-adventures.
Some of my favourites that I found on the eShop are UNDERTALE, Thimbleweed Park, The Rainsdowne Players, The Count Lucanor, and The Way Remastered. I'm always looking for more of that kind.

I tried some but not all of them were good.
The Long Reach was just ok, but I got it cheap.
Uncanny Valley was an interesting in the beginning, but a short mess all 'round.

It seems, DYA GAMES is another developer that makes very polished modernized pixelstyle retro games.
I played their 3 demos....
1. Strikey Sisters - A beautiful Arkanoid-inspired game, but with interesting extra abilities much like Kirby's Block Ball.
2. Bot Vice - An extreme Operation Wolf/Cabal-style shooter.
3. Viviette - An exciting horror action-adventure with great sound effects
4. Super Star Path - this unfortunately has no demo but it looks like a delicate mix of puzzle and vertical shooter.
All their games have a great 16-bit art style.
I need to check them out. Viviette is on sale right now. I saw the others on sale too.

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@SKTTR thank you for the detailed reply I have looked at Rock Boshers before it looks my style I might actually go for it now!



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