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My pro controller ended up getting dropped and landed on the right analog stick, which has caused it to now have a sort of catching or slight grinding when moving it in a circle on the left. It works fine, but it's annoying me as it doesn't move perfectly smooth now. I didn't see anything wrong when I opened it up, and I tried desoldering the stick module with a 25w soldering iron to put in a replacement, but it wasn't successful because I don't think it gets hot enough to properly desolder it (had the right tools and everything though). Is there any place to buy a replacement motherboard or something I could do to solve this without trying to buy a broken one off of ebay and scrapping it for the board? I thought about greasing it with white lithium or silicone grease, but I don't think that's a good idea. I can live with it if I have to.

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Have you contacted Nintendo to see a repair cost?


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@Jordino , that will cost to repair since that isn't a hardware defect but a user Abuse under their clause. So even if you send it in they will charge you to fix or replace it. And since you took it apart forget any Warranty repairs or they will send it back saying you took it apart we don't fix.

@HobbitGamer , too late NIN will not fix it if you took it apart.



@SwitchForce The warranty for the Pro Controller is only 3 months, and I bought this right after launch, so it expired a long time ago anyways. Knowing how much Nintendo's repair service costs, it would be more cost effective to buy a new or used controller.

It's not how fast you can do something, it's how well you can do something fast


Repairs cost so much, it's annoying, my switch has a crack by the screws that i found bout a month after the warranty expired and has since gotten quite big, but of course it would cost me 100 dollars....

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At this point buying a new controller seems like a far better option to me.

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