Topic: Could the Switch Cartridges' Terrible Taste Help Prevent Theft?

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A popular theory behind stealing DS and 3DS games from Gamestop has been that you could take the game out of the case and walk out of the store with the cartridge in your mouth. With the the terrible taste of these new cartridges, could stealing Switch games become a challenge for such thieves? In turn, due to the decrease in theft, could this make Gamestop more willing to carry more Switch games due to their lower risk and lead to the Switch dominating the gaming market? Sure, they're spinning it as a way of protecting the children (isn't that what the government always says about all of their weapons and mind control), but at the core this is an attempt to take control of the market and prove how much better cartridges are than optical media. Could thieves devise any better methods of stealing Switch cartridges beyond their tongues? What do you think?

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