Topic: Commander Keen in Keen Dreams is on the eShop!

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@Aozz101x one of the first games I've ever played as a kid at friends who had a pc. Is the port any good?



@toiletduck i haven't tried it myself. i've just came across by it on GoNintendo.

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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Wow, I remember playing a Commander Keen game when I was like 7 or 8 on our old computer. Don't think it was this particular one though. Really cool they're bringing these back even though I'm sure they have aged very well.



This brings back so many memories of being a kid and MS-DOS with another Keen game. Dont think i ever played this one but would almost be tempted to try it out.

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I kinda want to play this just because LGR on YouTube shows it in his videos almost every chance he gets. The first computer we had in the house was Windows 95 and my parents didn't let me use it to play games. I had a Game Boy and Dad had an NES, what else did I need? lol

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I'm almost afraid to try it, as I haven't played a Commander Keen since the early Nineties. Will it hold up, or will it run like a mashed potato?

Highly tempted to give it a shot, though. I never played this episode, but I have some damn fond memories of one of the other ones.

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Of all the Keen games, why this one? The oddball of the bunch?

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dang, remember playing it as a wee lad. very weird to see it come up, especially on a nintendo console. I'd give it a go if the price is right

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Came out-out of nowhere. Already said my piece in the relevant article.

Anyone got any clues as to having any chances of seeing Goodbye Galaxy next?

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