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Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a bug.

I was playing I am Setsuna for the Switch and when I entered the menu to look at the equipped talisman I was unable to leave. The only buttons that responded were R, L and Up and Down. I have tried everything but I just couldn't leave the menu?!! Now I lost a lot of my save because I had to turn it off...

Am I missing something here? It's B to go back right?
Anyone else who has had this problem or am I just being dumb and missing something obvious



Weird. I put around 25 hrs in and never experienced that. You must have found a wierd bug. Is the music still playing?

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@faint yes music still plays, just bad luck I guess



Hrm sorry... yea, I have a lot of hours in that game, but that never occurred. Just an unlucky bug I guess.



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