Topic: Can the Switch still sell 20 million this fiscal year?

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In about a week Nintendo will reveal their financial numbers and that will come along with the info. of how many units of the Switch have been shipped. There’ll be one more quarter of the year left until the Japanese fiscal year is over, but we should have a good idea of whether the Switch will be able to reach the 20 million milestone. Is it still possible to ship 20 million or was it just a foolish estimate?

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I think it's looking more and more likely by this point. Let's wait for tomorrow to get the USA NPD (I think), then we can probably deduce where things will go. But the holidays were a huge time for Nintendo thanks to Pokemon and Smash Bros.

They MIGHT just barely not make it at 18-19 million. But that's probably worst-case scenario. I think they'll actually make 20 million. Smash is still hot, Mario U Deluxe is a thing, we'll see how the rest of the year fares.

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@Mrtoad Remember this fiscal year they still have a couple of months. I feel like they we come just short with like 19.7 million or something like that. The holiday season with the Pokemon/Smash double whammy certainly pushed a huge bump in sales, but before that thing weren't slow, but they were particularly impressive either.

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If it's true that they managed to push 11M during the holidays the goal is certainly possible.

I'm thinking they'll at least get very close, maybe 1-2M short.

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Even if they do get to that 20 million mark, their stocks will still probably dip. Unless they get to 25-30 million, I don’t see stocks rising (this prediction comes from professional training: watching Mad Money with Jim Cramer).

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I think they can do it, but one major release this february will help a lot.



Mrtoad wrote:

Is it still possible to ship 20 million or was it just a foolish estimate?

So it's either meet the target or foolish estimate. No middle ground. What are you, American?

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I think they can reach that goal, or at least get close to it. Either way it’s an impressive feat, considering around half of the sales this year probably comes from the holiday sales.

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Whether or not they read 20Mil is a mute point this is what the other side wants to talk about. What they don't want to hear is the Switch is actually outstripped expectation and 3rd party developers are coming aboard and man that roils their bunghole. And it's not even a 4K gaming system that also reams them even harder. So for all "it doesn't have enough game" to "it's not 4K system" and now "if only it reaches 20Mil" then it be a system to go. Those people need to get a life is what I say.

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April to September, over 5 million Switches were sold. October through December, allegedly 10 million Switches were sold. So Nintendo needs to sell 4.5 million units between now and April 1st. I think they'll come up short by less than 1 million units.

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