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I bought Assassin's creed rogue collection last week and am playing Black Flag.

Are these not the best graphics of any port on the Switch?

Are they better than the Witcher?

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I suppose it depends on the graphics engine and/or preferences in art style. For 3D, realistic graphics, Black Flag looks good. Personally, I think Gris has a more impressive presentation. But Gris is 2D and has a completely different art style. So, if we're strictly comparing third party ports? I'd argue that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is the finest looking.

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It all depends on the type of game, graphics engine, if the dev used the resources to the best of their ability as well as if the game is played in docked mode or not. I have seen some game that looked great in docked mode look like ass when in handheld mode. Also it comes down to personal preference.

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I mean, its a late last gen game. Which means it took full advantage of everything it could of those consoles, but isn't so powerful it needs any downgrades for Switch(might be better looking than the last gen versions of it tbh). I assume anyway...

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