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I don't know why people continues to spread all over the web, that 8bitdo pad has a good dpad....
Nintendo pro controller has the worst dpad ever made (it's enough playing Tetris 99...), but 8bitdo is not the pad to buy in order to replace Nintendo's one.

When people search "Best dpad" you have sites like this, lot of positive reviews by Youtubers...

Do you want to know the truth ? It's enough googling... "8bitdo dpad issue, ghost inputs, scraping etc etc" , all the models are affected, i bought both Sn30 pro and pro plus version and did a lot of comparisons...

Customer service is not aware of these common issues...and with kindness they're habit to say "ask for a replacement". It's not a matter of bad batch, it's the poor quality of materials and testing before put the product in the market. And they're focused to change the reality through reviews on the web, instead of really fixing the issues of the customers.

I use old and new games, i'm a retrogamer and when you play with Megaman, Bomberman, Adventures of Lolo, Zelda and generally games where the usage of dpad MUST be precise and fast, you will quickly note...

It's time that people that googles and find this kind of suggestions, should be warned.

Thanks and share this if you agree with me.

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I can also recommend 8bitdo's SN30 Pro+. Besides all the other features, the D-pad is great!



The NES and SNES controllers that are sold through Switch Online are by FAR the best. I like my 8bitdo SF30 controller a lot because of its versatility, but there is NO comparison to the NES and SNES controllers. @toiletduck hit the nail on the head here. Those are my go to choices for the Mega Man collections, Super Mario Maker 2, etc.

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