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Has anyone played any games in this series and would recommend jumping in with this new title? Koei has earned my respect and attention following Three Houses so this might be a strong follow-up considering their new-found position as RPG geniuses.

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They're pretty chill gathering/crafting/rpg games. Most of the entries in the series have reviewed well, scoring between 7/10 to 8/10. Atelier Ryza looks like the series is moving to a new engine. The game looks like it might be the best in the series.

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I gotta say I've been having a blast with this game, despite some of the honestly real nasty graphical issues it had on Switch.

But those aren't an issue anymore! The latest patch, which also added in a bunch of new music and the ability to set the music to each area however you like - also cleaned up almost all of the issues the game had. It looks a lot better now! Like 95% of all the issues are gone. There's still some rough edges here and there but they fixed almost everything! Just waiting for another cut scene to see if they fixed those too. None of the issues were a big deal for me - but they were very noticeable, so I am glad they've been fixed.

And all this new music they added is really nice! I could seriously just sit here and listen to it like a CD!

They've had a couple patches since I got the game, adding in a couple new features here and there and also cleaning up some of the bugs. Major kudos for all the free updates they've had since launch. Most AAA games don't get so much support!

I am honestly really blown away by how much I am in love with this game! For a game that I bought just because I thought the anime girl protagonist was super cute (no really, that's all I knew about it going in, beyond the genre being a JRPG), I'm completely addicted to the crafting mechanics, I've gotten real into the battle system, and I really really like the cast of characters!

Ryza isn't just super cute - she's become my single favorite female video game protagonist EVER! Being fair, there are so few she has to compete with - female lead characters in games are almost as rare as shiny Pokemon - but still. I really like her. She's cute, strong, loyal to her friends, not afraid to speak her mind, motivated and forward thinking! She's got the whole stinking package! Looks, brains and power!

And the supporting cast is interesting too. A lot less on dimensional than I first feared. They've all grown on me a bunch! But I can't say why without spoilers.

Oh, but minor spoiler: Ryza's special attack/extra skill is stinking awesome! I didn't remotely expect her to be able to do that, and I love it!

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