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I recently came across a feature on NL called “It’s time to lay down your arms”. As I read on I realized I may have seriously missed out on a fresh IP and just an all around cool concept. I thought I learned from my mistake when I bought Splatoon 2 in February. Don’t judge until you play. So later that night I purchased Arms and quickly found out it was the fighting game I always wanted. I knew when I grabbed the game I completely missed the events that have been offered the past two years. It’s a bummer but since I never played them, their absence doesn’t really affect me. That being said I was wondering if anyone on the site still plays regularly. It would be nice to find people because this community is small. I also play splatoon regularly and would love to get a squad together!



I play pretty regularly but not online, just local with my daughter. I don't know how active the online scene is now, never played much there except for the Party Crashes. Whenever I venture into online competition with any fighting game, I seem to get stomped right quick, and I'm too old to dedicate a lot of practice to git gud enough to beat those 12-year-old Ninjaras who play five hours a day! 🤣

In any case, I always felt ARMS was best as a local multiplayer game. It's so much fun playing with your opponent right next to you. Hopefully you have some friends or family members you can play with.

I think ARMS did pretty well in sales, around two million sold as I recall. Hopefully good enough that Nintendo won't abandon the franchise, and maybe we'll see another ARMS a few years down the road.

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