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I guess that comfirms the theory that Mechanica is the only "human" character and the rest are some kind of android/different species.



@Frosty_09 Yeah, context. I liked how they handled it in Splatoon. It was mainly an online shooter, but there was plenty of lore, story and context that made it feel more like a "complete" game. I'd like to see that in ARMS as well. Character design is great so far.



This looks very similar to Overwatch, or at least reminds me of its art style.

But the whole character bios and characters themselves (how they look, being humanoids but some strange) has a heavy F-Zero vibe to it.

I love this game already. Why? Because motion gaming got a bad rap during the Wii era. Thanks to inadequate technology and shoddy implementation, not to mention shoehorning it into every single game whether it improved the experience or not... everyone wrote off motion gaming.

But now, with Splatoon's motion integration. But now, with Zelda BotW motion integration... now we're seeing the true potential for motion to enhance the gaming experience. And Arms is the first game to fully embrace it because it fits perfectly. I want to throw punches and be able to twist in curve my arms in real time with the Joycons, which btw, are small and melt right into your hands so that throwing punches probably won't even feel like you're holding a controller at all. Something like that just wouldn't be possible with the traditional controller which means it wouldn't have been possible on any other system.

I love how there's parrying and status effects and 3D fighting (it's been too long since we've seen a GOOD 3D fighter that's different- Pokken Tournament wasn't it). I have high expectations for Arms

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AA can be an abbreviation for over 200 things, can you please at least explain what it is in a thread when it is tedious to google?


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Wow! Still not sure if I'm a day one, but this youtube video is a way better advertisement for the game than any of Ninty's marketing. Look how fast and intense these matches are!

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@Ralizah The more surprising part of that video is that those players happen to be competitive Smashers. And they seemed to control their characters just fine, despite lacking experience with the game and it's controls. Now if they'd just learn to incorporate blocking...

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I was already intested in this but hearing it's Kosuke Yabuki'a next project after Mario Kart 8 has certainly piqued my interest.

I'd not be very surprised if this game isn't accessible on the surface but also very deep.
I'm less worried it will be shallow like a lot of people have feared.

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After playing the Global Testfire, I'm much more interested in playing ARMS than a multiplayer shooter. I definitely prioritize story and survival / action-adventure types of games like Nier, Gravity Rush, Horizon, and everything else on PS4 right now; however the Switch is like having extra time to play around the house and on the bus. To that end the seemingly more network-optional nature of Arms really suits the platform more than something like Splatoon where you have to sit down, be super tuned into the game because it's so fast and that screen is so busy, and also set up the phone app for team chat.

Especially after nothing was said in the direct, I would be really surprised if they announced a whole different singleplayer mode at E3. However, if there's enough stage diversity in the modes and multiplayer, I don't think that will be a problem. Besides perhaps Mario Kart 8, I think this will be the perfect Nintendo game for the platform.

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@Haru17 I think ARMS in Nintendo's E3 will be the launch trailer in the main event and a lot of treehouse live gameplay during the rest of E3.


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Grumblevolcano wrote:

I think ARMS in Nintendo's E3 will be the launch trailer in the main event and a lot of treehouse live gameplay during the rest of E3.

I don't think so because it will launch less than a week after it. I expect a trailer and maybe another video like in the last Direct, possibly explaining game modes. What i expect a lote of gameplay is Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, a possible surprise (Retro?) and most of all Odissey


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@FGPackers It launching on the same week as E3 is exactly why I think there'll be a lot of treehouse live gameplay. Let's not forget that there's a lot of time available, both E3 2014 and E3 2015 had 3 8 hour streams from Nintendo so if Nintendo goes for that again there's plenty of time for significant ARMS gameplay.


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A new weapon-arm attachment thingy has been shown as well as alternative colours for the fighters has been unveiled.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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