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Before if you played a game for less than 5 hours, it just said "Played for a little while" But now it specifies if you have played 2, 3 or 4 hours or more. It might do it for 1 hour or more, but I might just not have any games in that range.

A very small detail, but a change nonetheless.



I noticed this too. Previously the feature didn't work for me at all. Every game just said played for a little while

And I can confirm it also says played for 1 hour too

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@cadaver138 The feature always worked fine for me before, after owning a game for more than 10 days it would show up. But only in 5 hour increments. The system is clearly keeping track of play time so I don't know why it doesn't just show that...

Thanks for confirming that 1 hour or more detail too!



Thank god. It may be minor, but this has been bothering me for ages because I've been buying more games for my Switch than I ever had time for so most just said 'played for a little while' and that just doesn't look so good.

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@GoldenGamer88 Haha yes I had the same issue. I would think to myself I've spent all this money on these games and so many of them I've only played "for a little while". Now I can see that I spent 3 or 4 hours on a smaller title it doesn't seem so bad.

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For some reason Gonner is stuck on the "played for a little while" heading and it drives me crazy. I know I played that game for at least 5 hours but my Switch refuses to acknowledge it.

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