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Bizarre game that appeared in the coming soon section of the Japanese eShop.

Based on the title (including the font), HUD, gameplay, and the soundalike music, it appears to be a parody of Ace Combat that sees you dogfighting against sealife (that shoot lazers & missiles!) rather than aircraft. Looks like you'll go up against Squid, Crab, Sharks and more.

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@RR529 Its kinda a follow up to this game called NEO AQUARIUM – The King of Crustaceans only this time its a lot of sea creatures and not just was a crazy game but a lot of fun. I just bought Ace of Seafood and it seems deeper and more tactical. Its not perfect but for something under £7 I think its a lot of fun and has value for money, grab an army of sea critters (sardines, lobsters, sea crabs, mackrel etc) and claim the sea! Its a good kind of weird.

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I really enjoy it, it's a great shooter. I recommend it a lot.




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