Topic: 2 Major Things That Go Against Having A Smash Bros. "Deluxe Port"

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Now hold on. Thread can technically be right if it's a new Smash

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Oops! Well.

I guess we can still argue about "they didn't say it was a port!"

Yeah I don’t know either.

Eh! My gameplay videos

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🙄Really? They only shown a teaser of the product.


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You know, I don't normally pull the "y'know think of what we could do to help society instead of this pointless nonsense we're doing" but when it's so brain-numbingly pointless as this thread, it's hard to not think that.

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Straight $60 port of your favorite game from 4 years ago? Featuring the Inkling and just a couple of others, no new game modes? Free feature locked behind an annual paywall? I'm in heaven, sign me up! 😍😍


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The logo was almost identical to the Wii u/3ds except it said switch on the bottom.



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