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Nintendo entering the mobile market was a major step for them but I feel like they haven't done that good of a job embracing it. Super Mario Run was a fun game for sure but was heavily crippled by the monotony, hefty $10 pricetag for a mobile game, and the requirement to always be online. I did like Pocket Camp and I heard good things about Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost so I'm pretty curious to see if Mario Kart Tour will be Nintendo's biggest mobile game or if it'll repeat the dumb mistakes of Super Mario Run.



The only mobile game I've ever actually truly enjoyed and finished was Mario Run.

But of course apparently people don't like to pay a one-time fee for a good game and instead would rather gamble on a free one for much more money, so they won't be making one like that again.

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I really want Miitomo returns on Nintendo Switch after has been discontinued from Apps store.

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I haven't played a single one. I don't have a single game downloaded on my phone.

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Only enjoyed Mario run but was finished by the day.

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I enjoy pocket camp and super Mario run well enough. I'm kind of in the minority I guess of not being too keen on Gacha games like FE: Heroes & Dragailia Lost.

Still play Pokemon Go! from time to time

And I admit I'm excited at the prospect of a mobile Mario Kart game.

Though honestly I feel like the Mobile games are kind of purposefully neutered versions of series to just kind of act like ads to get people to buy a 3DS &/or Switch. Which is fine I guess cause it probably works but it's kind of obvious the mobile games are just around for some easy extra $$$.

That said I am glad they're doing well enough over all as perhaps mobile could be a good outlet for franchises Nintendo mostly ignores other wise. A mobile Ice Climbers &/or Punch-Out game would be nice.

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I enjoyed Super Mario Run for what it is. The only other Nintendo mobile game I played was Pokemon Go and after catching nothing but Ratta's and Pidgeys I deleted it.

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I think they have all been garbage but the millions of kids and people who spent big money on poke ball pixels must disagree. Insanity I call it.

I hate mobile gaming as a platform and for the microtransaction culture. If people stopped spending money on it it would go away, but it looks like its here to stay.

All I can do is continue to abstain and support good developers creating good honest content on switch and other platforms that i find fun to play. Each to their own.

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Miitomo - Bad.

Super Mario Run - Good.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Good.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Bad.

Pokémon TCG Online - Okay.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile - Good.

Pokémon Go - Good.

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump - Weird, but good.

Pokémon Quest - Okay.

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I've realised that these games are for a different audience to myself, and I'm happy with that.

I bought the full Mario Run and, while enjoyable, I'd rather play just about any other Mario game.

Not even tried Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem and I'm not sure I ever will - again, if prefer to play the main series, and I'm not too keen on the F2P model.

Dragalia Lost? As this is a new IP I'm very keen to try this. But it's not out here yet!

I quite liked Miitomo for a couple of days. I'd quite like to see Nintendo develop in the social platform space a bit more tbh.

Pokemon Go? I was swept in by the craze and got my fill of it. But I'm past it. I can't keep up with F2P games with constant updates.



I remember how Miitomo heated my phone up and drain the battery for apparently no reason like if Nintendo made the least optimised game ever and how pointless the gameplay was. Animal Crossing has been a good casual thing when waiting somewhere but Animal Crossing New Leaf is like a million times better. I haven't tried the others yet, Fire Emblem looks nice, but it won't be as the 3DS games I think. Whether you like these mobile games or not I think it's kind of interesting that Nintendo became a third party publisher just recently, at least on Google and Apple platforms.



@Buizel I don't like Super Mario Run either, it's not my thing. I never downloaded Pokemon Go but a friend is obsessed with it, from the outside looks a bit pointless like all you do is collect and fights are automatic.



Bought super mario run when it came to android. Don't think I put more than 30 minutes into it honestly. Checked out Dragalia and appreciated the production value but didn't progress very far. My youngest does love Pocket Camp though and is now really excited for the real thing. Looking forward to Mario Kart as racing games have been the only mobile games I've played consistently ever.



Great if you don't have your Switch with you for a quick blast on the bus. Other than that, don't think much of them. Shallow, trivial and pumped up with tons of MTX designed to extract as much coin from you as possible. No different than many other mobile games. Yuk


I pretty much like it. I tend to be a multitasker/time manager type of guy so being able to play certain games when I normally can’t with one hand (something no hands) is a plus for me. It pretty much makes up for the time I can’t play my Switch/3DS like at work, walking on the street, and standing up on a bus or train.

My top 2 most played games being Dragalia Lost and Pokemon Go. I used to play FE Heroes and AC Pocket Camp a lot but I slowed down on both. I naturally get bored of Animal Crossing games (general) after several months and Fire Emblem because a bit too PvP for my taste.

I also play Mario Run (Full) and Magikarp Jump but maybe like once or twice a week now.

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None of them really grabbed my attention. I tried Super Mario Run and found it too clunky to be worth my time, the rest were IPs and concepts I just didn't care about.


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Not interested in playing games on my phone, but I did try super mario run...didn't like it


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I have never played a mobile phone game (apart from snake lol!) so I can't really add anything. I have absolutely nothing against them mind.

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Mario Run is ok, but it's a typical runner (which get boring quite quick, only good for short blasts now and again).



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