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What has been the best way to find other people in your area that play? We live in a smaller town and I havent been able to do a level 5 raid yet because I don't know other people that play besides my husband.



wearing a yellow shirt that says "play with me" while yelling "Pokemon go" through a megaphone might do the trick



Being naked in the public while holding your smartphone with Pokemon Go being played. 🤣🤣🤣

Just kidding. 😜

Anyway, find your friends here in Pokemon Go thread.

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I have it on good authority that Strasbourg is the answer



@Solomon18 Facebook is the only place I know where you can find local groups for Pokémon go.

Like, literal Facebook groups where people get together to organize for these events.

I'm not sure what you use Facebook for, though.

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My bad!

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I feel your pain. I also live near a small-ish town - there are about 10-12K residents - but there's no raid coordination that I know of. Plenty of gym competition in busier areas, particularly downtown, but actual raid coordination is severely lacking.

The best I can suggest is to try and find a local Facebook or other social media group that coordinates in your area.

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I’ve looked on Facebook and unfortunately there are no local groups for Pokémon go. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.



😂😂 I’m the nerd always there waiting. The population is so low here I feel like most people don’t bother showing up to them because they’re afraid no one else will be there. @Morpheel



If you did start a group, you would all have to rev up accounts on a messaging platform such as Discord and, uh...Discord of course! When someone spots a raid, they can notify the group for backup.

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@Katie7838 Honestly I would just encourage you to go into a bigger city. Unless you are still in school then you could just ask other kids.

I live in a small town and even the people I know who play and live in the area don't bother trying to raid here. I just hop on the train into the city.

But there are Facebook, Discord and Reddit groups around too. Even if you can't find groups specific to your area, people in those groups might know of other groups they can suggest to you.

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I would say facebook or any other social media platform. Good question for sure!



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