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The recent news articles about Pokemon hiring some mobile developers got me wondering what they might be working on. I actually think there are some really cool things they could do with this. This is my idea.

Pokemon Companion App: (obviously working title) I see this as a Pokemon utility application. A central app that is an evolution of Pokemon Bank and the Poke-Walker from Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver AND the old Pokemon Dream World from Black and White/Black2/White2.

We already know from Pokemon Go/Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu that connecting phone apps and Switch games is thoroughly possible and fairly easy.

I imagine that this app would let you connect all your Pokemon playing to one place. The new Gen 8 games, LG, and PoGo. You could transfer a Pokemon to the app from the gen 8 games and carry it with you like the Poke-walker/dream world, while in the app it would gain exp, find items, and play mini games. If it is also a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it would earn you candy for that Pokemon and stardust for Pokemon Go. This would use your phone's GPS/pedometer to track distance walked, like PoGo and the Poke-Walker before it. Walk farther in a day, say playing PoGo on a community day, and earn rewards for your Switch game too!

This app would also allow you to transfer Pokemon from PoGo to Pokemon Bank or your Gen 8 games. Playing the mini-games in this app would earn rewards you could send to the Gen 8 games or to PoGo. Further you could potentially unlock event Pokemon much like the old Dream World allowed. I imagine the mini games being similar to many modern mobile games. And I do think there would be some micro-transactions here (disgusting, I know) but they would be like in Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing mobile, largely letting you bypass timers and such.

This app would also serves as the new Pokemon Bank, bridging the gap between the 3DS titles, Switch titles and mobile titles. Letting us bring Pokemon over from past games. If possible, I think it would be awesome if the app kept track of what games the Pokemon originated on too. I know long time fans like myself have Pokemon dating back the the GBA titles that have been painstakingly brought over gen to gen. (but I don't know if there is data for that connected to the Pokemon)

Finally this app would let you access a National Pokedex and track lifetime play data, Pokedex entries, and other interesting trivia. Such as how many of each Pokemon species you have transferred through Bank. I'd have a comically high number of Swablu and Feebas because I bred them to get shinys in gen 6. lol

If I am honest, I doubt we would get something this comprehensive and in my opinion, freaking awesome, but I do think it is something totally in the realm of possibility.

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