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Wow. Ironically it is very hard to lose at this game. I'm trying to do the challenge for using Lightning 3 times, but it's so hard to stay in 8th place in this game. You can't stop to let other racers pass in this game, you can only steer in the wrong directions, you have to use your items when you pass an item box, and when you do, you usually end up passing multiple racers. I'm pretty much just botching the start and hoping I get a Lightning.


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Meanwhile in 150cc for me, the rubber banding is real, it feels at times that enemies that get hit can recover very quickly. I even took a picture of me doing well (besides getting hit like twice), and well....

This happens more then it should for me, like you can't catch a breather, meanwhile 150cc in 8 is pretty relaxing for me.

In other news, saved up enough rubies for the 10 shots, didn't get anything too special with that, but I had 3 more shots left. I GOT THE CHARACTER I WANTED THE MOST, Dry bowser! Dry Bowser is gonna be a golden pass reward, but oh well, mine will be level 2 soon.

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I got another Metal Mario from the pipes, now I can rev up even more CLANG CLANG CLANG

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My good luck from the first few pulls has pretty much evaporated, the only new driver I got after the update this week was Iggy. Other than that, I've just been getting duplicates. Trying to push for Dry Bowser in the Tour Gifts before the free trial on my Gold Pass expires next week so I'll at least have that much, still 58 Grand Stars short. I should be able to make it, but it'll be awfully close.


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Man, slipstream boosts make the rubberbanding sooo much worse in this game. I've been trying Mega Dry Bowser over and over on 150cc, but he keeps slipstreaming up to me and running me over. At this point it just seems to be pure RNG on getting good items to pull ahead of him at the right time.


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@Bolt_Strike you like this game?
Even if its one big cash grab

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