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About a year ago
Nintendo: Fire Emblem Heroes was a huge success! What did we do right compared to Super Mario Run.
Also Nintendo: Let's see. Gacha, cute anime girls, hot anime boys, gacha...
Also Also Nintendo: So the plan for now on should be taking our anime-influenced IPs and turning them into gacha games?
Nintendo: Like what?

Awkward Silence

Also Nintendo: Looks like we got to create a new IP.



So... it‘s not for Switch ... but a mobile game...?

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GoldenGamer88 wrote:

So... it‘s not for Switch ... but a mobile game...?

would sure be a neat switch title. maybe someday?

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Not every new IP needs to be present in the Switch. It's healthy to have some diversity and promote creativity across the dev teams.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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I'm surprised at how few people are talking about this. Not because it's a huge reveal or anything, but it's a new mobile IP from Nintendo and I've barely seen anyone mention it. NL hasn't even reported on it.

Anyway, it looks pretty good but I can't see myself playing it much on my phone. I agree it would be good to have on the Switch, but hopefully it does well on mobile.

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Hope it's not MMO.

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