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About a year ago
Nintendo: Fire Emblem Heroes was a huge success! What did we do right compared to Super Mario Run.
Also Nintendo: Let's see. Gacha, cute anime girls, hot anime boys, gacha...
Also Also Nintendo: So the plan for now on should be taking our anime-influenced IPs and turning them into gacha games?
Nintendo: Like what?

Awkward Silence

Also Nintendo: Looks like we got to create a new IP.



So... it‘s not for Switch ... but a mobile game...?

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GoldenGamer88 wrote:

So... it‘s not for Switch ... but a mobile game...?

would sure be a neat switch title. maybe someday?

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Not every new IP needs to be present in the Switch. It's healthy to have some diversity and promote creativity across the dev teams.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I'm surprised at how few people are talking about this. Not because it's a huge reveal or anything, but it's a new mobile IP from Nintendo and I've barely seen anyone mention it. NL hasn't even reported on it.

Anyway, it looks pretty good but I can't see myself playing it much on my phone. I agree it would be good to have on the Switch, but hopefully it does well on mobile.

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Hope it's not MMO.

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....I'm just now finding out about this Direct incoming.

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I'm really excited for this! 21 hours or so more until the time for Direct owo)))


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Just finished watching the direct. It looks really interesting.



Only releasjng in America, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau.

No wonder it was at 4:30am for Europe. We arent getting it.

Still. Looks neat

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My only worry now is how grindy it'll be since there's like 3 things to aim for in the gacha...

Not to count that they separate the 'free' currency and 'premium' currency.


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darkfenrir wrote:

My only worry now is how grindy it'll be since there's like 3 things to aim for in the gacha...

Not to count that they separate the 'free' currency and 'premium' currency.

Those are my worries, too. I'll probably still end up downloading it just to try it out.

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Downloaded this a few minutes ago. Only 83MB, nice. Installed and booted up no problem. Tap for start. 1.25GB install required.

It's anot 8GB tablet, that ain't gonna happen.

If somebody gets this to install on a micro SD card I'd try it, but Android 5.0 has never done that too well for me.

I'll try my phone, but not optimistic.

Edit: 1.25GB, not 1,25GB, sorry. Well it may be 1,25 in the UK, I forget.

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uninstall this game within 15 mins. didn't like the one hand control..

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