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Pokemon oras :Once again Gamefreak dosen't alow screenshots on miiverse 6 1,817 icedude545 Wed 26th November, 2014 by Morpheel
Super Mario Bros. on Dancing With The Stars 2 267 DiscoGentleman Tue 25th November, 2014 by VeeFlamesNL
Nintendo's New Website 6 919 mushroomer Tue 18th November, 2014 by CanisWolfred
Quality of Life 9 1,010 Dolphin64 Tue 18th November, 2014 by 16_Million
Super Mario 64 Chaos 2 307 AshFoxX Tue 18th November, 2014 by 16_Million
MARIO DID WHAT?!?!?! 5 382 Protoman91 Thu 13th November, 2014 by Protoman91
#ImWithReggie 2 389 Refurin Thu 13th November, 2014 by sinalefa
Would you subscribe to a New Nintendo Power? 3 329 OneBagTravel Thu 13th November, 2014 by Ryu_Niiyama
Charla in PKMN omega ruby and alpha sapphire 1 291 scottdevine48 Sun 2nd November, 2014 by LztheQuack
An update or reaffirmation on some 2015 First Party 3DS & Wii U Games 0 305 Punished_Boss_84 Thu 30th October, 2014 by Punished_Boss_84
Official Nintendo Magazine comes to an end in the UK... 5 477 ToxieDogg Thu 30th October, 2014 by TheTeaStirrer
Order and pre-order digital eShop games on Computer! 8 749 technotaylor98 Wed 15th October, 2014 by yokokazuo
ORAS US Demo Codes 1 1,807 seniorslappywag Tue 14th October, 2014 by LztheQuack
Microsoft apparently going to buy Minecraft developer

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59 2,463 Nintendo_Ninja Tue 16th September, 2014 by R_Champ
Miiverse admin users banning for handing out Smash bros 3ds codes. 13 526 Hero-of-WiiU Tue 16th September, 2014 by LztheQuack
Miyamoto to Premiere Pikmin Movie at Film Festival 4 435 SpookyMeths Thu 11th September, 2014 by ekreig
Nintendo making iPad app 12 925 technotaylor98 Sun 17th August, 2014 by MrWalkieTalkie
Club Nintendo will help you outfit Ganondorf with free DLC 2 559 mushroomer Fri 15th August, 2014 by epicdude12302
Wii records 0 611 marchao Fri 15th August, 2014 by marchao
SteamWorld HD (Wii U eshop) Is Easy On Your Wii U's Available Memory! 1 559 Neko_Rukiafan Wed 13th August, 2014 by unrandomsam
Rise of the Tomb Raider is exclusive to Xbox 4 566 AccountDeleted Tue 12th August, 2014 by Tasuki
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Costume Set has been confirmed as the Best Buy pre-order bonus For Hyrule Warriors! 1 667 Neko_Rukiafan Sun 10th August, 2014 by brewsky
NO DRAGON BALL Z XENOVERSE FOR WIIU 13 5,964 Riptide515 Mon 4th August, 2014 by Megumi
UK Stars Catalogue: Luigi Diorama, Game & Watch Collection, Premium cards back in stock 0 707 FritzFrapp Thu 31st July, 2014 by FritzFrapp
Pached up and leaving Gametrailers 7 765 MrGawain Mon 28th July, 2014 by LztheQuack