Topic: Wii successor to be out in 2012, playable demos at E3 2011

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It has been confirmed by Nintendo. Details on this report is found here: I know it's posted elsewhere, but it want this to be a new topic so the rumor has now become a reality.

Possible questions that we might be asking Reggie & Iwata at E3 2011 in regards to this new console:

  • Will it have a 250 GB hard drive, or higher?
  • Will it have the ability to transfer all data files and all purchased WiiWare & Virtual Console games from the Wii to the new console?
  • Will it have Gamecube data slots, or better yet, will Gamecube games be able to transfer Gamecube files into the console?
  • Will it be able to play music on any SDHC card up to 32GB?
  • How many USB ports will it have?
  • What colors will be featured in this new console?

I hope all of those answers will be considered when we get to see the presentation at E3 which runs on June 7-9, 2011.

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I need my puppet princess.



I can't believe a new Nintendo console has already been announced
right after they announced the 3DS at E3

I can't wait till 2012
and I still have to save up some money though ;___;



The news was broken this morning in this existing thread. Feel free to speculate all you like there :3

future of NL >:3
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