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Topic: Third-Party Developers Wasted Wii U’s Power With “Quick Ports”, Engineer Says

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Software engineer Francisco Javier Ogushi Dominguez:

“I am sure you have heard the rumors about the e6760 being the base of the [Wii U] just to tell you, the e6760 has a performance of 16.5 gigaflops per watt, so if the [Wii U's GPGPU] has a similar efficiency, then if at least we consider 10 watts out of those 18.33 watts (or maybe more) we would be speaking about 165 gigaflops that many game[s] waste due to being quick ports.”

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never doubt the words of an engineer!

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AC4 20fps makes this sound true....

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Watt the flop?

Miyamoto on his desire to focus more on the (hard)core Nintendo fan.

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I don't know about wasted anything. Most of the early Wii U ports would have blown people's minds in 2005/6 when X360 and PS3 were new. For a console to be able to pull off reasonable ports of some of the biggest games ever to be released on last gen just goes to show that the system must be powerful compared to last gen. Unfortunately I think the difference in architecture might mean that the Wii U never gets the best ports of major games especially with simultaneous multiplatform releases.

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I honestly question how viable consoles can be this generation with the industry in its current state. There's a looming problem outside Nintendo that may hit the industry hard

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