Topic: The next evolution of 3DS? Not 3DS XL though...

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Yeah, I'm not buying that.
They're just releasing the 3DS XL, I highly doubt we'll be seeing another 3DS any time soon.

In saying that, I'd love to see a new, improved 3DS which is the same size as the original.
My launch model is going to need to be replaced at some point, and I would like a new one with some minor refinements and that doesn't scratch itself.
Not happening though.


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I doubt it's going to be anything important. It's probably going to be a silly discussion about the success of the 3DS and the upcoming release of the XL.

I say silly because there won't be a release date for Animal Crossing in sight.

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It's probably something to do with new games (and other software) rather than new 3DS hardware.
It would be a bad choice if they announced another 3DS revision.



I know it's unlikely but I hope for a 3DS XL Pro with a second circle pad. That'd be nice!


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ElFlorro wrote:

I know it's unlikely but I hope for a 3DS XL Pro with a second circle pad. That'd be nice!

If it's worthless now (Except in RE:R), then it won't be good to instal it in a huge system like that. Maybe they should bundle a circle pad pro with the 3DS XL instead? (I mean the accessory)

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Honestly, I think with this article being aout Wii U, and "Next evolution of 3DS" appearing underneath it somewhat like a sub-topic, now that Wii U is out kinda makes the evolution part somewhat obvious of its capabilities. That is, unless we've yet to see some new games and 3DS apps that show us things we haven't seen or been able to do yet, or maybe some linked functionality between the 3Ds and Wii U. That's just my opinion, anyway.

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