Topic: Team Ninja wouldn't mind working on another Metroid game

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This pretty much explains my opinion of Other M//

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If they made another Metroid game,the only thing they'd need to do is to make Samus Boobies Jiggly,as they were sorely missed from Other M.

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TheDreamingHawk wrote:

If it's 2D, it'll be great.

Metroid Other M feels like 2D mechanics placed into a 3D setting, and it is overall amazing except for the auto-aiming. The controls simply didn't allow a full range of aiming for a 3D setting, but having a simple control scheme in a sidescroller wouldn't have that issue. I would love to have such an entry on the 3DS, and experience Team Ninja's actiony flair in a revival of the Metroid sidescrollers. Overall, Other M is a love or hate it game, depending a lot on how the player has interpreted its events, Samus and Adam. It's my 3rd favorite Metroid game, behind 2) Super Metroid and 1) Metroid Prime Hunters, but as positive as that is I would rather them go with a different route such as a handheld sidescroller. There hasn't been one since 2004.

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I personally found Other M to be an excellent game. The control scheme was simplistic, but fun to use. The use of Sense Moves was also a smart idea. I would be very interested to see Team Ninja give Metroid another shot.

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I found Other M ok. Probably one of the worst Metroids, but it was still a good game and I liked the gameplay. However, if they were to make another Metroid, I think it should be a downloadable title only, and it should have little to no story, but still extremely atmospheric, like Super Metroid. Actually, I wouldn't mind a Super Metroid remake by them at all thinking about it.

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clearly Team Ninja should make that prequel downloadable game I thought up a while ago.

that way, everyone wins

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

clearly Team Ninja should make that prequel downloadable game I thought up a while ago.

that way, everyone wins

That would be cool. Could set up the story for a new 2D Metroid or something. (Other M was set before Fusion and in a way set up the story for that game, even if it was released several years later.)



moomoo wrote:

If Shigeru Miyamoto looked over it instead of Sakamoto, I'd be fine.
As ironic as it is, the series creator is most of the reason why Metroid Other M wasn't all it could be. He just couldn't let go of the character he madeand instead use the character everyone loved.
Imagine Other M without a non-sensical story and nunchuck/Classic controller control. It'd be great.
I still think the wii-mote on it's side thing was stupid. They tried to reach to casuals, but no-one who cares about Metroid cares about simple controls. Considering Team Ninja made Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 (I'm going to ingnore 3), they obviously could have done more.


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"team ninja wouldnt mind working on another metroid" i would mind other m sucks.


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Considering that the gameplay of Other M was enjoyable, I wouldn't mind Team Ninja working on another game. However, let's leave Sakamoto to a job that doesn't give him complete narrative control over this new game.

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if they do make another game, I'm hoping either for a Fusion sequel (possibly) or perhaps an origins story, like dating back to the raid on Samas' home planet, her training among the Chozo, the Galactic Federation, etc.

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moomoo wrote:

As ironic as it is, the series creator is most of the reason why Metroid Other M wasn't all it could be.

Sakamoto didn't create Metroid, this man did.

Sakamoto took over as the lead designer of Metroid after his unfortunate death.

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